Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walking, Teeth

Tomorrow starts my official walking starting point. 10 minutes for me and for anyone else who is just starting out. We report on Friday! Wahoo!!!! Remember, we are initially working for getting into the habit. So, 10 minutes. This week. Three days. 10 minutes. You can do this. We'll talk on Friday. If you miss a day, just start up on the next assigned day. Okay, that's all I'm saying about that.

On a more personal note, I was in a bad place in my head today. Seriously. I just want to get that on record because I know I was. I wanted to run away. But to where, because seriously, all my favorite people are here. And really, what would I do with myself? I can feel sorry and bad for myself in the comfort of my own home...I don't need to go any other place for that. Sigh. It is amazing how The Crazies can get to you at 4am when you've had bad sleep for a few days and a few triggers have been pulled and buttons pushed on your inner turmoil of issues. Ugh. Anyway. Thanks to a nap (after church) and to Kristan for being in the "Mothers' Lounge" at church at just the right time for a vent-fest. She was didn't do much for Miss Q who didn't want to take a nap, but it did alot for me.

And while I have brought up the subject of the Mothers' Lounge at church (aka: the nursing room), can I just say that we need a new chair or two in the lounge...or at least to clean that thing that's there...or get it a fresh seat cover or SOMETHING. It's gross. Those of you who have sat there know exactly what I'm talking about. Ew. It's getting shamefully threadbare as well. I take an extra blanket with me to put it over the headrest because who knows when it was last attended to. I'm just saying, that lice experience has messed me up about certain things, and I'd love to see something done about that. So remind me next time the EQ's are supposed to clean the building and Super J signs up. Maybe someone can at least vacuum the chair. Okay. Enough about that.

On a familial note, about 10 days ago, Miss A lost one of her two loose teeth and the other is starting to get that "just danglin'" kind of attribute which freaks me out, and just today, Miss E lost one of hers. Yep. Came literally skipping into our room this morning, filled with GLEE and PRIDE and JOY. She'd just YANKED the thing, don't you know! And it came out! And that blood running down her chin???? We just ignored that and got her some water to swish her mouth out and were very happy for her. She was, needless to say, very excited. Her first lost baby tooth. Very exciting, indeed. The Tooth Fairy's one busy girl at our house these days.

And on a completely irrelevant note, we ate at Burger King on Saturday for a quick lunch. I don't know if it was because I haven't eaten there in forever, or if we were just very hungry (which we were) after our lovely date at the museum (the older girls are taking art classes at the City's Museum and are loving it, and this Saturday I got to go with Super J for a date with him...and Miss Q, of course; afterwards we were dashing to a b-day party at a skating rink for Miss A [who had a ball...all these parties at "places" are starting to make our home parties or even the party at the pizza place seem L.A.M.E! ....ohthepeerpressure!] and rolled through the drive-thru for a quick lunch) but man-o-man! Super J and I were both impressed with how tasty their burgers were. I don't know if anyone can beat McDonald's fries, but we certainly enjoyed the flame broiled Whoppers' goodness (and now you know why I have to walk on the treadmill more. lol).

Alrighty then.

Have a great start to the week, Gentle Reader.


Bethany said...

And YOU have a better start to the week, too. I totally know how you feel. You can always call to vent (and I'll probably vent right back!) and if I'm in class, I'll just call you back later. I'll be walking with you, so here's to better fitness!

Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Sounds like a plan! Kim J and I went VTing this morning. I told her about the 5K, she's in! Her and Krista B already walk regularly in the mornings. So we might have some competition!!!

Oh, and that nursing room! Is it really a room, or a closet? I asked them about giving us a new one when they expanded the building. Didn't happen =( A little paint, a new rocking chair and some much needed disinfectant, and it could be much better. Ventilation wouldn't be a bad thing either.

Sorry you had a down day, we all have them... not fun.
Today's a new day...
Make it "Fabulous"
Do something for you!

Katie said...

Here's wishing you a better week (yes, I know it's already midway through - but I'm always hoping)! Please remember how awesome you are.