Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historical Day for our 44th President

Regardless of your political leaning, I have to say President Obama can give a speech. Seriously.

I'm so nervous for him! Talk about expectations--how on earth do you even begin to meet them?--and, for all the people who are "for" you (and he has many, don't get me wrong. It kinda also makes me nervous how many people act like he is The One), so many many are against you when you are president. Just witness the crowds who were chanting and booing at President Bush as he left his job of 8 years, which I firmly believe he did to the best of his ability.

Anyway, I listen to President Obama's address and was moved by it. Then I went to go pick up Miss A from school and was listening to the radio and ohhhhh, the cynicism. Maybe they have a point or two, but couldn't we wait, even a little while and let him have his day and get settled into office before blasting him or something related to him? Nope. Could not do it.

So, indeed. I could not and would not want this job. I guess there goes all my political ambition. Yep, I like people to like me too much and don't have the disposition to knowingly put myself in the path of those who, without really even knowing me, HATE me because they *think* they know me. Ugh.

Good luck to you, Mr. President--both incoming and outgoing. You'll be in my prayers.

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Bethany said...

Boy, you sure can tell we're in different parts of the country! No Obama bashing out here! Just love and adoration (possibly too much, ya think?) on the airwaves this far west.