Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Am Myself (aka: the Name that Tune post)

For Christmas, we are dog sitting. I actually really enjoy Abby and Bo. Seriously. They are very sweet. AND! My floors never look better. In case you don't remember, Gentle Reader, they are Schnauzers and are really well behaved, even though they tend to freak Miss O out anyway (unless she is feeding Abby, in which she seems to remember good times of old).

Anyway, they know I am "The Mom" here at the Zoo, which means they know I am the (vroom, vroom) "Leader of the Pack," and they treat me as such. They wait for me to go places, they find me and sit at my feet or in the same room, they follow me around and do what I say. Once in their kennels/beds, they sleep through the night and don't get up until either I or Super J do. Like I said, it's really nice. Plus, as mentioned before, they at least listen to me and try to be obedient. Oh, and let me also say that they never complain about the food they eat (for "breakfast" and "dinner") AND they take themselves out to the bathroom and I don't have to wipe any extra bottoms. WHEW! On the other hand, they are like having two more kids added to the group. Adoring, albeit hairy, kids.

I am not actually complaining, though it may sound like it. I am a dog person and, as I mentioned, we love Abby and Bo and it's nice to get immediate respect and satisfaction.

But on days where I feel a lack of maternal fortitude and interaction, it's just funny to me that there are now two more creatures in our home "who, just like me, they long to be, close to you. laaaaaaaaa, lalala, close to you."

I'm just saying.

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Shari said...

If only you could get that kind of obedience from your kids...I knew I should have gotten a dog instead!