Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A bite for you, a bite for me, two bites for you...

Soooooo, we are dog sitting this weekend. J's sister's family has two schnauzers who are very sweet and very good dogs, so they are no problem. In fact, my dining room floor never looks better than when they are visiting. I often have to remind myself that it is not my mad cleaning skills that have suddenly rocketed to new efficiency and thus I am now able to maintain that level of tidiness (because, let's face it, underneath the table is always a sight after ANY meal), but I have two little elves helping. So it's always a little sad to see them go...sigh...but I digress.

Yes, the dogs...very sweet, very well behaved, but we've done this enough to know that there is a wee bit of transition time so everyone feels comfortable. Each time it is less and less, especially for O, who initially is freaked out when she sees them. I can happily report, however, that this has been the quickest turn-around yet. O made friends with Abby-dog over breakfast.

A note of explanation: Abby-dog is 6 years old and is so super mild mannered with kids, it's not even funny. If I could guarantee that a dog would be as good with kids and as low maintenance as Abby, we'd have one tomorrow. Her comrade, Bo...we have high hopes for. As of now, he's just 6-ish months old and is still in puppy mode, but I think he's remarkably well behaved all things considered. If he starts taking off after one of the kids, I just hiss at him (literally) and call his name and he comes bounding back to me. It makes me feel like the "Dog Whisperer." Sigh. Delusions of Grandeur strike again.

So, back to reality. O and Abby-dog. Yeah, so I caught O feeding Abby some of her Fruit Loops this morning. Ack!

"Stop feeding the dog that. You'll make her sick. They go in YOUR mouth."

I'm sure she still snuck Abby a few, but O did pretty well finishing her cereal, and soon breakfast for O is done and she gets down from her chair and starts playing. I leave her and her sisters watching Sesame Street to go check my email until I hear the faint strains, "Chinkie, chinkie" which I immediately recognize as dog food being swished around in the little ceramic dog food bowl that belong to Abby.

"Get out of the dog food, O!" I yell helpfully. OHHHHHH the laziness on my part! I listen and I don't hear anything for a moment, so I figure, what a good baby I have. So obedient. Then, "Chinkie, chinkie." Time for observation.

I head back into the dining room and see O digging for more dog food. She is taking over a couple pieces at a time and hand feeding them to Abby. Please keep in mind that Abby is a typical dog that when she is separated from her "pack," she doesn't immediately eat. In fact, she will often go days with only a little bit of kibble. So, this is actually quite a sight for me to see O feeding and Abby accepting the food. This goes on for a bit and I'm just about thinking, okay, this is too cute when I see...yes...O snag a kibble or two and pop it in her mouth.

Blech. And since I'm grossed out by it, surely O needs to be. "Spit it out!!!!" I'm not sure how much we got out, but enough that I'm happier. I go to throw the offending pieces of kibble in the trash when "Chinkie, chinkie." And turn to see the same pattern repeat...some kibble for Abby, some kibble for O. Yummo.

Allllllrighty then. Breakfast time for both O AND Abby is officially over. But a friendship has been renewed, and sometimes, isn't that what it's all about?


C & K Sanders said...

Your too funny Laurenda!
I wondered onto your blog via Colton.
Hope you are all doing well!

Cindy said...

If it makes you feel better, Libby will still pop a piece of dog food in her mouth and she is TWELVE!!!! I think, at this point, it is mainly to hear me squawk. It works every time.