Monday, December 22, 2008

You'll be WHERE for Christmas???

So, are you going "somewhere" for Christmas? Or are you receiving someone who is "coming"? Many of my friends are traveling this holiday season...if they aren't already gone. I know several who are flying Christmas Eve and some traveling the day after brave! It'll be a madhouse at the airport. Still. It's all part of the adventure of "going" for the holidays, isn't it?

We were supposed to travel (by car) to see my family this past weekend, but Miss Q's attitude to her car seat had us rethink that, so we decided to postpone that trip for a few months. Poor Miss Q...she gets grumpy and SCREAMS AND SCREAMS AND SCREAMS if she's in her seat past 20 minutes. It fries my nerves, but quick, let me tell you. I can't even imagine that for 5 way. Ugh.

Hmmmmmm, here's an interesting blogger spell check tidbit for you. It didn't like the spelling of "carseat" and gave me the option of separating it OR of "corset." Yes. So true! For Miss Q, being in her car seat is like being in a terribly binding corset. But that wouldn't make much sense if I'd said my 4 month old was sick of being in her corset.

Yeah, so anyway.

If you are traveling this week, Gentle Reader, be safe out there. Try to be patient and, especially if you are flying with small children, hang in there. Or, if you are flying without small children, but there will be small children on the plane, hang in there. Or, if you are driving somewhere, hang in there (and please drive safely. Watch out for slick spots, too, if you can!).

And know that there are some of us back here who are looking forward to your return. :)


Allison said...

As always, a terrific post, expressing sentiments with which I heartily agree! (Especially about that corset thing. I don't like mine, either. LOL)

Jennifer Lee said...

Yes, we are braving the pre-Christmas airport and weather madness. We need all the luck we can get to make it there and back safely. We are looking forward to good times with you in the new year!

Katie said...

I'll tell ya, Gatwick airport was an absolute MADHOUSE on Saturday. Sometimes there ARE benefits to flying frequently (like, being able to bypass much of the madness). Merry Christmas, my friend. Be safe!