Monday, November 10, 2008

Follow-up to some Gratitude Thoughts

I am really enjoying thinking about things I'm grateful for. I think it has been making a difference, at least during some parts of my day. Sure, I still get grumpy and cranky, but there are other times when I realize I am truly blessed.

On the other hand, I'm not sure if you have the same problem, Gentle Reader, but throughout the day, I'll think to myself, "Wow! I sure am grateful for that," and try to make a mental note to add that to my list. And then I sit down to compose my list for the day and I'm like, "Duhhhhhh, I THOUGHT I knew what I was grateful for..." sigh. And so it goes.

Still, I wanted to follow up on a few comments that have been left over the past few days:

1. My favorite mascara? CoverGirl LashExact Mascara (regular, black). I've tried the waterproof one and it just clumps up too fast for me. I've tried CG LashBlast Volume Blasting Mascara ( Well, that's not quite fair. I guess it might do something but it gives me NO length) and Fantastic Lash Mascara (supposedly no clumping but it's very gooey). I've also tried some Revlon ones and an Almay brand (one coat). The Revlon one was supposed to give me fake looking eyelashes, and indeed, if I was looking for the Tammy Faye Baker-Messner (bless her soul) look, I achieved it. Not attractive on me, though. And the Almay was okay. Not terrible, but not great. Soooooo, it's LashExact Mascara for me...right now, anyhow. :)

2. I, too, love feminine hygiene products! Holy cow. Where would we be if we still were, literally, "on the rag" like women of generations past? AND, where would we be if we were still wearing wool underwear, "on the rag?" Ohhhhhhhh good heavens. It make me marvel, yet again, that ANY of us are even here and that all of the women didn't die of infections of one type or another.

3. I am so grateful for Jennifer and her initial Gratitude Challenge. Many of my friends have joined in and it is a TREAT to see all of the things people are thankful for. Indeed, it reminds me of how much we all have in common even with all the diversity we enjoy. I lurves it. :)

There are more, but my Internet Explorer keeps closing on me, so I'm going to post and call it good (for now). Remind me to tell you about the fight between Miss A and E that prompted me to leave the computer which then started hiccuping very annoyingly, thus prompting me to end early. And all over those dumb Polly Pockets. sigh.

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Lac said...

You are so sweet. I was grateful to get a family picture where everyone was actually looking at the camera, let alone smiling! Wahoo for us! I'm sure that you adjustment to the big 4 kids has been tricky. I tell you, it was a HUGE adjustment for me, I had a hard time for some time actually. I love reading all about what you're grateful for! You are grateful for a lot! I think about you and your family all the time. I wish we lived close again. I have yet to find fun people in a neighborhood like we had in vegas. It was a gem, and even thought the neighborhood is now infested with renters and crazies, we were there at a good time and I miss it all the time.