Monday, November 10, 2008

"Can I use the phone?"

Today, mark my word Gentle Reader, things change here at the Zoo.

Today, Miss A brought home (are you ready for it???)...her school directory.

Yes. She has been looking up the names and numbers of all her friends. She wants to call them for play dates. She's now sitting right by me as I'm typing this. These are her words:

"I would like you to help me find something in it," (she says this in a goofy voice and then says, 'heh heh.' Weird) "I cannot find the last name of our next door neighbor." (I told her I can't use last names on my blog) I can find my own name! It's just right after Mrs. H's class. Here's Mrs. R's class. And I can even find my own name, Miss A! I want to have a play date or, as my friend Chloe would say, 'friends over'. I want to have all my classmates over."
She wants me to type that she's been looking at this for hours. She's a smart kid. She actually says, "Type, 'Miss A's been looking at this for hours.'" And I now have. :)

Now Miss E has come into the office. She is bored. So I decide to share with my daughters my experience this morning. I start out saying what I'm typing. Miss E leaves the room. lol.

Here's what I said/typed:

I took Miss O and Miss Q to the great world of Wal-Mart. We had about an hour to go before I had to pick up Miss A and her friend Chloe (we carpool and I do pickup) from school, so I figured I could shop for about 35 mintues, check out and then go pick her up. As things go, I shopped for about 40 minutes and then went to check out. I changed lanes once because the other lane was moving faster. And at this point, Murphy's Law struck. Just as I was unloading my groceries (behind the people checking out in front of me), they changed cashiers.

Oh My Holy Cow.

No. I should say, "Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.



Sssssssssssssssssssssssslow (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).


It took FIFTEEN MINUTES to get through the line. Seriously. I would have put all my junk back in my cart, but I'd already unloaded and there were two carts behind me! I totally wanted to say, "PLEASE HURRY UP!" but I was worried this would fluster her and she'd only go slower!

So....let's add together, shall we?

40 minutes plus 15 minutes means that I had FIVE MINUTES to make a 15 minute trip to pick up my daughter. OHHHH NO!

So, I did what any good mom would do...I literally threw my grocery bags into my car, buckled my kids in record time, and then drove WITH A PURPOSE (70-75mph in a 60 zone...thankgoodnesstherewerenopoliceatthetimeandIpromisenottospeedagainanytimesoon)to the school. I got in the pickup line and, luckily, there were still a handful of cars ahead of me, but I was the last in line. I was sweating bullets, but because it was cold outside, I only felt clammy afterwards. Whew.

Have you ever done something like that, Gentle Reader? I try not to DRIVE WITH A PURPOSE too often, but every now and then....I hope I'm not alone in this.


Allison said...

DO things like that ever happen to me? YESSSS.I'm just lucky that Grandam's only a few minutes away from school and she has usually been able to meet the girls for me when things-beyond-my-control-that-are-maybe-only-a-little-bit-within -my-control happen to me.

Madelyn said...

I am genetically incline to always choose the wrong line I've decided. That's the only explanation for it. Someone in front of me always has a problem!

Colton Anne said...

You are not alone here...I do this probably one TOO many times!!

Adrienne said...

Now, the flip side of this is when your husband FAILS to drive with a purpose. At 3:00 AM. When you are in labor. Stopping at red lights when NO ONE ELSE IS IN THE INTERSECTION. GOING THE SPEED LIMIT. Now, the amazing thing was, to add to the miracle of birth, the TRUE miracle: I did not swear at Derek during the drive. Every time I tried to, another contraction would hit. But he knows where I stand now. :)