Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I bet you thought I was going to talk about pizza, didn't you. But no. Nor am I referring to the game. Nope. I'm going to speak of this mornings "domino effect," because it just reached a funny point. Not necessarily funny, har-de-har-har, but funny in a wild-woman hysteria kind of way. I relay this to you, not to have you become overly concerned because even I realize this is the second, "Life is kinda the pits on this fine fine morning" post in two days, but that, you know, stuff like this happens everywhere. Besides, on this fine fine morning, I don't have the same, "EEEiiiii!" toward my children, so it's different. Here's what happened:

Once again, a kind of iffy night with Miss Q, who then woke up WIDE AWAKE SUE around 6:00 and kept kicking me, has left me feeling off kilter. Not a great way to start the morning. Miraculously, I left her in bed with me and kept dozing, but as we all know, it's never a nice solid sleep...kind of like sleeping on a bus. ANYWAY, woke up groggy but we got Miss A out the door to the neighbor carpool with, maybe, 30 seconds to spare (read: we were running late) because Super J and I were having a discussion, albeit a wee bit on the emotional side (read: NOT an argument, but one of those weird spouse discussions) about MONEY! Arghe! The cursed money/spending "discussion", which tends to happen around this holiday time. ANYWAY! So, though we kissed and hugged, there was still that...weirdness? Do you know of what I speak? Have you ever had one of those "discussion?" Yes? No? Maybe? Well, they are the pits.

So I'm still super tired, but I get Miss Q down for her nap, eventually, and then decide to walk on the ol' treadmill in the basement (my goal is to walk 3 days a week) in hopes of pulling myself out of the strange little funk I am now in. Yay me. After the walking and the kids finding me and Miss O nearly waking Miss Q up (oh dear heavens, that child!!!! Did I tell you gave herself a rope burn yesterday? Around her neck? Yes. From Dora Binoculars...see the cord for the binoculars??? Ohhhhh so dangerous in the hands of a frustrated 2 year old), Miss E announces she is thirsty. Our conversation is this:

"Mom, are the dishes in the dishwasher clean?"
"No honey. But there should be cups in the drawer." (we keep little plastic kids cups in a drawer so they can get water when they want, though sometimes it has lead to much consternation with Miss O and her water fetish, as we all may remember)
"AWWwwwwwwww." (Miss E tends to pout)
"Why are you upset?"
"I wanted my Halloween cup from Preschool"
"...And it's in the dishwasher???"
"Well, I think you just had water in it...go ahead and take it out and you'll be fine."

Miss E just looks at me as if I've asked to chop off her ear. She is appalled by the suggestion and immediately sees through my slovenly half hearted attempt to get her to be independent (read: don't want to have to move at this moment).

"Honey, do you want me to wash the cup for you?" and of course, I already know the answer and we go attend to the cup/thirst issue.

But what's funny is that it's come to this. This is the domino part I was referring to. Where one thing has led to the other and you are so tired and emotionally discombobulated that you are totally willing to have your child "dishwasher dive" for a cup that may or may not have been used just for water, and You. Are. Totally. Fine. With. It. Not only fine with it, but sincerely wish them well on that journey to beverage-hood. Gentle Reader, this seems to be a wee bit of scraping the bottom of the proverbial barrel, non? And I just had to record it, because one day I'll look back on this and chuckle to myself even more than I have already.


Bethany said...

Dishwasher diving is perfectly acceptable, and I can't IMAGINE why Miss E would have ever balked at such a suggestion. That was hilarious, and I totally needed it. It reminds me of something my cousin's preacher friend told him about children...when the binky falls on the floor, you sanitize it for the first child, rinse it with tap water for the second, lick it clean yourself for the third, but by the time you get to the sixth child, you simply pull the binky out of the dog's mouth, and pop it back into the baby's.

Bethany said...

And oh, yes, I took your suggestion and compiled my thankfuls on my personal blog (no family stories, just my jumbled thoughts). It's bethanydiaries.blog....now that I think of it, I totally should have called it mulan diaries. Oh, well.

Cindy said...

You are probably a much kinder mother than I am. I would have told Libby, "Well, you can either use a new cup from the drawer or wait for me to finish on the treadmill. Them's the choices." I probably would have refrained from saying "How do you like them apples?" as my father would have said to me, so I think I am making progress in the parenting department. :)