Friday, October 10, 2008

Update on Friday Panic Attack

Things crossed off of check-list so far:

*Showered (hallelujah!)
*Picked Kids up from school
*Worked with Miss Q (that infant gas must be a killer!)
*Got Miss Q napping
*Got Guest Room laundry free (folding and putting away, though I did engage in the great procrastinator fall-back: shoving things...I am in the middle of sorting through summer/fall/winter clothes for the girls and trying to get the right sizes, etc. It's a big job, so I just put the newly folded stuff in the summer bins, knowing I'm going to have to go through them again. Cheating? Yes. Done? Yes.)
*Got Guest Room dusted and cleaned
*Dusted upstairs
*Washing bedding for Guest Room and other blankets, etc.

I am now going to get Miss O down for her nap. Wish me luck!

I figure if I can get the main two floors vacuumed and the kitchen in fair shape sometime this afternoon and then take the family to Costco for shopping and "dinner", I'm good to go. Then we'll go de-carcass the basement and call it done.

And that's the plan.

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