Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hello from the Other Side!

So, we made it through the weekend with only one potential nuclear bobble (between my mom and Miss A, of all things! Ugh).

Miss Q's "name and blessing" went really well (this is where the baby's name goes on the official record of the church and they get a blessing, and Super J did a great job), and I was so grateful for my family and friends being there, but I don't think I breathed easy until after the actual Sacrament had been passed. I know there was a point where I actually let out a big breath and felt hugely relieved, mainly because I thought Miss Q was going to fill her pants during her blessing and that would be the only thing people (and ME!) would remember...a giant audible noise and grunt (and I totally had cause for concern because she tends to move her little bowels in the morning and she was squirmy squirming until she finally fell asleep at the end of the meeting). Happily, she held fast and waited until Monday for all her pooping (she had 5 throughout the day!).

Considering we had 10 kids and 5-10 adults in the house at one time, it could have been alot crazier than it was. I mentioned to someone as we were all trailing in to the church building that the fact that we were about 3 minutes early was like seeing the Children of Israel walk on the dry land after Moses parted the waters.

Looking back, all worked out just fine (with the above noted exception of the situation with my Mom and Miss A--and it was one of those things that could have really spiralled out of control, so I'm glad my brother was there to help mediate and that all of the other adults held there tongues while things got worked out). I'm not sure what it is that's in me that gets me wound tighter than a clock and chuck full of anxiety when people come to my house (hmmmmm...unless it's because of potential nuclear bobbles? I dunno). But I was pleased with it overall and truly felt blessed.

And did I get a single picture????

Why yes! I did. Of Miss Q in her car seat. But, of course, didn't get a single picture or moment of film, of any/all of us this whole weekend. Sigh.


Katie said...

What? No pictures? You're in huge trouble. Glad it went well.

Adrienne said...

So nice to have everyone there, but then also, so nice to be on the other side of it, right? As always, you do it with style. Your hair looked FAB at the blessing, darling, your Q was SO PRETTY in her little dress -- so the important things went great! :)