Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Milestone for Miss O

Guess what?

Miss O is now in her toddler bed. Last night was her first night and she did great--slept all night long. I think her favorite thing is the fact that she was able to get out of bed all by herself this morning and didn't have to wait for anyone to come and get her out of her crib. She looked really pleased with herself when she joined the rest of us this morning.

Now let's see how I feel about this in a few days when Miss O realizes that she can actually get out of her bed ANY TIME SHE WANTS. Oh, and that she can turn the doorknob on her door.

...to be continued!

1 comment:

Colton Anne said...

Good luck and congrats! I remember that with Kayley. Cora actually loves to go lay on Kayley's bed, but only barely over a year old...she's staying in her crib for a while!! Yeah for Miss O!!