Saturday, September 20, 2008

Quiet Calm

So, on this fine Saturday morning, Super J has taken the older girls to go pick up a bike (with training wheels!!!) from his sister's place (she'd picked it up at a garage sale) for Miss E. She's excited, but I'm sure will be more so when she actually realizes that she has A. Bike. Of. Her. Own.

Miss Q is with me, but she's asleep, and the whole house is quiet.


I mean, seriously, it's nice. Really nice. I also know myself well enough that I wouldn't want it like this all the time (okay, that's a lie. Of course I would WANT it like this, heck, I used to work in a LIBRARY!!!!! But my comfort zone has now changed so that if it was like this for too long, I'd start to get antsy and feel something was very very wrong).

Anyway, while I had a quiet moment, I just wanted to quickly write that yesterday was a good day. Sure, we had some moments (like poor Miss O waking up from her nap CLEARLY on the wrong side of the crib), but overall, there was much more happiness in the house...much more happiness in me, too.

Maybe it's that 6 week post-partum magic they tell you about...that if you can get through the first six weeks, things start looking up. Maybe. Whatever it was/is, I'm glad and I wanted to make sure that my Gentle Reader knew that I have good days, too. More than the ugly moments that I post would make it seem.

And yesterday was a good day. And this morning is quietly calm and peaceful.

And now Miss Q is awake and crying upstairs. lol. And so it goes. :)

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