Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A little levity

Holy cow, Gentle Reader. I sure hope I didn't depress you this morning. I have to say, I tried to catch, on video, some of the girls' antics this afternoon, and boy howdy, we totally look like we qualify for an in-home Nanny 911 visit. Hmmmm...If I can figure it out, I'll try to post a segment of it.

As I was taping and recognized the need for Nanny, I realized that my girls are totally acting out. However much time I spent with them during my pregnancy was only a portion of that when I wasn't pregnant. Now, that little segment has been even further reduced. You wouldn't think it makes a difference, but it surely does. Interesting. Maybe that's what this morning was all about...pointing me in the right direction...maybe????

In the meantime, as I ponder this little aspect of life, here's something that made me smile. I am a Star Wars nut, it's true. You can click on it to make it bigger, thus readable.

Heh. I, too, have visited the Dork-side.

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Katie said...

We are SO TOTALLY friends. I don't know if you watch How I Met Your Mother but there was an episode where Ted (main character) just got engaged and found out his fiance had never seen Star Wars. One question posed - would you really base a relationship on whether or not the other person liked Star Wars? Totally!