Friday, August 29, 2008

More on Palin...or in other words, let's not be so judgemental!

Ohhhhhh holy cow.

Can I just say that I am amazed at how many people are already talking about how Palin should be staying at home because of her baby, etc. etc. and nailing her for not being a "stay at home" mom.

I guess people will think what they want/will, and I won't change their mind one way or another, and as a woman who is a stay at home mom, this might surprise you that I feel this way, but I do, because I haven't always been a sahm. Now, I believe that being a sahm is the most important thing you can do for your kids, don't get me wrong. But that doesn't always happen now, does it. And when Miss A was born, I was the "breadwinner" (or "Sugar Mama" as we actually termed me), and though it wasn't "ideal," (Super J was in school) we both worked hard to make it work, and I had awesome support from work and friends. ANYWAY! I think some of us may be a bit hypocritical about Gov. Palin.

Let's just look at the facts: Gov. Palin is 44 years old. She started out her auspicious political career with the P.T.A. She has 5 kids. Her oldest is 19. Her 5th child, her baby, was born this past April 2008. (Note: Mr. Palin, though he works, is often the at home parent). Gov. Palin has been in office for what...2 years? Let's takes approx 9-10 months to make a baby. Baby was born (repeating, I know) in April which was 4-ish months or so ago, so 14 months. Let's do the math. She was already Gov. when she got pregnant, right? She'd been the Governor for about 10 months, right? 43? While GOVERNOR???? And I thought *I* had to get genetic counseling at 38! Because she planned to do that?

Something says to me (and I'm sorry if this seems tacky, but still!) that this baby wasn't necessarily planned. And then they find out this sweet baby coming to their family has Downs Syndrome. Now, Gov. Palin is Pro-life, and she and her husband supposedly didn't even blink an eye (which I believe). And I heard today that she went to some Governors meeting shortly after his birth and took her baby with her! I think that is awesome.

So, here's the short of this long story: I highly doubt this was her plan...become Governor of a state because you feel that there has been wildly inappropriate things going on, win that election, have special needs baby many years younger than your 4th child smack in the middle of your term, and then get asked by the Republican Presidential Nominee to represent the country by running and serving as V.P. while the media and the opposing party tries to SHRED your character and unearth any dirt and nastiness that they can about you. Yeah, that sounds right. Ha!

So, people. This might not be your choice, but let's give credit where credit is due. Sheesh!


Allison said...

Way to stand up for Gov.Palin!

What's up with the Walkers! said...

Thanks for all the inforamtion. When I think I'm out of the loop, I just come read your blog and feel like I am now an informed American. Interestingly I was reading your blog, yes all of it...while watching Palin's VP nomination speech. Wow, she is awesome!!!!