Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MIss A and the First Day of Kindergarten

So, this morning, Miss A left for her first day of Kindergarten. She looked SO cute and was so excited. And I didn't even cry...well, at least not where she could see.

But I should start at the beginning. Yesterday I hauled myself to Target with Miss A for, literally, some last minute shopping for school clothes. It's amazing what a little bit of guilt can do for motivation...earlier that day, I was nursing the baby and thinking of Miss A's first day of school and how I had done nothing special for her, except cut her hair because of lice, and that doesn't really count, and I got a bit teary-eyed because I highly doubt she'll remember whether we had gotten her new clothes or what-have-yous or not, but I felt out of the loop. Super J has taken her to all her Kindergarten round-ups, open houses, carnivals and meet-the-teachers and I have been home. The LEAST I could do was take her and buy her one new outfit, right????

So, we went to Target. We were there for almost an hour and by the time we were done, I was spent. I had no energy left and felt like an abused washcloth, limp and lifeless. Thank goodness Kristan had Miss E and O, else I have no idea how I would have made it out to the car. Miss A was a trouper, though. She was excited enough for both of us and kept up a lively conversation while we looked at clothes ("Mom, isn't that cute???? Mom, can we get this??? Can I get the one with the sparkly belt??? Are those the Jonas Brothers????" [the who??? I think to myself]). I hope Miss A knows how much I love her, even though most of my side of the conversation went like, "Uh huh." "HMMMMMmmmm." "That's nice, Sweetie." "We're not getting that." "Keep walking."

And per my normal shopping routine, we tried on nothing but bought several outfits that we would "try on at home." Can you believe everything we picked out fit??? Holy Blessed, Batman, is all I can say. I think I will take back one of the pair of pants that fit, but is just THEEEESE side of tightbut that's besides the point.

ANYWAY! This morning, after yet another crazy night...and I don't know why they are crazy because Miss Q will actually sleep, but her little cold sounds TERRIBLE and now and then she gets gas pains that cause her to shriek. She only shrieks for a few minutes, but it's enough to send me to the guest room and while we are up, we might as well nurse in vain hopes that we'll be able to get 3 hours of sleep afterwards. Ha. But back to the main gist of the story:

So, this morning Super J comes in and asks if I want to say good-bye to Miss A before she heads off to school. This is where I get a little teary because once again, I feel out of the loop. At least we picked out her clothes last night and her head band and stuff. And at least I have a wonderful husband who was willing to get her ready for her first day, right? So, I hauled myself up, bleary-eyed and got the camera to record this moment for posterity. Kiss kiss, "Have a good day! I'll be there to pick you up!" And off they went to Kindergarten.

My job, if you couldn't tell, is as pick-up driver. Seriously, I have to have my last name displayed promenantly on our dashboard as we drive up. I love that bit of organization, I have to say. And, I'm anxious to hear how things went, and of course, I'll let you know as well. But for now, gotta go see what Miss Q is fussing about.

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Katie said...

Kindergarten already? I can't believe it. OK, you are my hero. Maybe God knew what he was doing - I really don't think I could handle children as well as you do (AND yes, I'm serious - as WELL as you do, you're my hero). Good girl!! I want pics.