Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Oh Yeah," Moment #37 and #38

Remember when I said that you get...lolol...I can't remember the word. How funny is that???? UGH. I want to say "insomnia" but that is NOT the word that I need. It's when you can't remember things...you just forget things about your pregnancy after you have a baby and then eventually stuff about having a newborn fades from memory, too. UPDATE: After a nap, the word is AMNESIA.

Well, here's a little reminder of some of the things that I am remembering as I'm going along the way. I'm sure there are more than 37 Oh Yeah moments so far, but I liked the randomness of the numbers:

#37: Babies like to be held...alot. This means that I am doing ALOT of baby holding throughout the day. This is not terrible, as Miss Q is probably all of 8 or 9 pounds right now. But she will get heavier before she will get mobile. Ohhhhh yeah. One of the beauties of a newborn is that you get to hold them alot. One of the drawbacks of a newborn is that you get to hold them alot. You get the picture.

#38: Newborns really cannot control their own body's temperatures, which means that you can and will spend at least one night freaking out about fever and all the uncomfortable mental images that come from thinking your baby is frying from the inside out until you can call the pediatrician (or his nurse as the case may be, who, let's face it, intimidates you to no end) who will treat it like it's no big deal (the fever, not your lack of sleep and thus completely almost incoherent babbling about said fever). This will not matter if it is your first baby or your fourth. And for what it's worth, you still need to call your pediatrician if your baby's temp is 100.4 or above.

Luckily, Miss Q is feeling better...I think. No more fever or random swings in temperature. Maybe tonight we'll get some sleep so that I can remember the words I want to write. Or maybe not. Maybe this is the part of my brain that is leaking out of my ears the more sleep deprived (I just spelled depraved, and that kinda works, too) I get.

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