Friday, July 18, 2008

Waiting for a Girl Like You...

...and I guess I'm going to keep waiting. New Baby is doing well, heart rate in the 140's (you want it between 120-160) and measuring still a little big, but nothing to be worried about. I'll go in 2 weeks for another sono to measure to see how "big" or not is "nothing to be worried about."

So, yeah. The doctor's visit went just fine. Thanks to my crazed grocery trip yesterday and subsequent contractions for the rest of the evening, I am now at a 2 (dilated) and 20% effaced. I asked her about last week and she said that I was barely effaced and that she could tell a real difference with today's visit. Yay, me.

I must confess, though, that this really is my least favorite part of being pregnant. My body is doing that beginning contractions to prep me for the hard stuff and it's, admittedly, not my favorite thing to go through because it does kinda hurt and I'm a wimp. I'm not afraid to say it, either. Still, with only a few weeks to go, I'm at that stage where I wish I was still either in my second trimester or already done. It's an important stage to get to, because soon the desire to be back in the second trimester gets dwarfed and eclipsed by the GET IT OUT OF ME stage, when you are pretty much willing to do WHATEVER it takes to make that possible, and then you really do feel better. And, since you cannot go back and can only go forward, that's a good thing. Plus, I'll get my body back and have this amazing creature to show for it.

In the meantime, I've gotten the okay to take some Zantac for the heartburn, and we're going to try just taking it at night so I stop waking up because my esophagus "burns, burns, burns! The ring of fire...the ring of fire!" (who doesn't love Johnny Cash????).

I wonder how New Baby is doing with all of that acid that's afflicting me. I wonder if she is even aware or if she's like, "Man! I just wish she'd stop eating those tomatoes!" and stuff like that. I wonder if yesterday, she was like, "What in the name of all that is good and sweet is she doing out there!" because I wondered about what she was doing "in there" a couple of times myself. I wonder if she has a sense that she's going to be making her appearance in just a couple of weeks and life as she knows it is going to change...forever. I'll find out soon, I guess.

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