Monday, July 21, 2008

Room Service

Miss A has taken it upon herself to bring us Breakfast In Bed, and it's starting to be on a fairly regular basis. I think she views it as such a treat when she gets it (because I try to do it for their birthdays or if they are really sick, we set them up in "The Guest Room" and I'll bring up soothing breakfast foods that they can eat while watching t.v.), that she wants to return the favor. She loves it. Miss E loves it.

So, spearheaded by Miss A, they will often work together to bring up various delights for breakfast. Initially it started out as crackers and water. Sometimes with a side of raisins. These were all things that they knew they could get into without getting in trouble. Once, I got a pop-tart and some buttered Ritz Crackers. And a side of water. Well, a week or so ago, Miss A brought up about a fourth cup of raisin bran and milk, in a bowl, on a cookie sheet for myself AND Super J. She didn't get in any trouble (thus, precedent is set) even though she spilled milk on the upstairs carpet. She worked hard to "clean" up the spot and we told her how nice a surprise it was.

And so, it really shouldn't be any surprise when she brought up a bowl of cereal for Super J this morning. It was filled with a combo of Life Cereal, Raisin Bran with just a hint of Captain Crunch (or whatever the name of the knock-off cereal it is we are currently eating). It was very very full, milk already in the bowl, and he had a cup of water next to it.

The sad part (beside the combo of cereals...Super J is not so much a reveller in combo cereal) is that Super J was in the shower. He'd just jumped in, so the cereal sat and sat (because Super J enjoys a LONG shower. I don't understand this, because when I'm getting showered, I am IN and OUT. Probably because I have been trained by years of having babies roaming the house, unsupervised, I am used to the GET IT DONE AND GET OUT mentality, but Super J? It's like a special thinking room and he often sorts through work issues or project ideas and comes out not only clean but with renewed energy and vigor to get things done. I wish that worked for me). AHEM! CLEARLY I've, back to our regularly scheduled, yeah, the sat and sat and got INCREDIBLY soggy and, when I viewed it, you could barely make out what type of cereal was in it (the winner??? The Raisin Bran stuff).

She also brought me up some breakfast, too, this morning: a banana and some water, which I didn't eat because it was kinda on to describe the banana wrested from its peel by a 5 and 4 year old? Well, let's just call it "tired."

Anyway, when I came downstairs, there were all sorts of cereal boxes on the table and the milk was still out. I asked Miss A if she'd eaten breakfast.

"No, I want waffles."

I guess I need to show her how to work the toaster! But who knows WHAT kind of treat we'll get then. lol.

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Katie said...

Oh, so cute. I remember my "breakfast" from Miss A - crackers and something else. What a thoughtful girl. And there's nothing quite like soggy cereal. Although, if truth be told, when I eat Rice Chex, I prefer them a bit soggy. Does that make me gross?