Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I was listening to the radio on my way to Wal-mart for our School Supply Adventure when I heard Trace Adkins, "You're Gonna Miss This," warbling on my local country station. I love that song because it really does remind you of the sweet things that go by too fast. So, in the VERY near future, I'm going to dedicate a whole post to things I am going to miss about being pregnant and this phase of my life.

But not now.

No. Right now, I have a couple of pinches in my last nerve that I'm going to try to expel. Starting with:

**I am still sweating from our little adventure this afternoon (ugh. Sooooo not pretty and feminine. Update: I'm no longer sweating. lol)

**AND I am having another moment where I wonder what people are thinking when they look at me. I mean, clearly (CLEARLY!) I feel I look pregnant, but at Wal-mart, where I guess all shoppers must walk around in our own little dazed "looking for the best deal" world, I am appalled by people's lack of consideration. I'm tempted to start a line of clothing with such phrases on it as, "Hey! I am 9 month pregnant. YOU move." I mean, how ridiculous to have me back up with my cart and skooch against a wall so someone else can get their cart through when they could have done the same, just as easily (or more so) for me and my 3 kids. Ugh. This proves, sadly, that I am NOT an Alpha female because I kowtow very quickly to others.

**I do believe I'm going to stop accepting the lovely offer of people in cars to let me cross the street. Yes, I know as a pedestrian I have the right of way. However, when I have my kids with me (heck! even when I'm alone) and a car stops and waves me on, I feel that we need to cross...quickly. Very very quickly so as not to hold up traffic any longer than necessary. In fact, I tell my little ducklings, "Let's walk with a purpose, ladies!" which means they need to skedaddle, because it drives me personally to the brink when you have random people mosey across the street!

Now, the people in the car do not know this weird thing about me, but I must confess that this is one example when their kindness just compounds my stress because Miss A inevitably pulls a Cinderella and loses a shoe in the middle of the road; Miss E FREAKS out that the car is secretly waiting for her to cross so it can ram her and so she crosses like (and I say this with alot of love for my 2nd eldest daughter) an epileptic deer; and *I* am stressed because I just want to get out of this very nice car's way!

So I had this amazing epiphany...I don't HAVE to cross. I can actually just wave the car on and cross at a more leisurely pace. This way, I acknowledge the graciousness of the driver but I don't have to push/pull my kids across the street.

And thus comes the grousing post to a close. Yesterday, when I was in more of a snit, there were so many things to look at and see the negative. Today (because I'm finishing this up on Thursday), things don't look so bad...for now. lol.


Stephanie said...

I totally have the same issue about people making me and my gaggle of children back my cart up instead of one single person stepping to the side!

Katie said...

OK, poor Miss E. I love it. I'm in a classroom full of students (yes, I probably shouldn't be reading blogs while I'm observing a class for work), but I BUSTED out when I read that part of the blog. Just hilarious.

Cindy said...

I didn't know this about my husband when I married him, but he is totally a lolly-gag crosser, where I am a crosser with purpose. When we are holding hands, I am literally pulling him across. We both get mad! Oh, but lo unto the lolly-gagger that makes HIM wait! I wonder if he recognizes the inherent problem with this attitude?

Adrienne said...

Oh my epileptic deer,
my kids always ask why I'm snorting and guffawing over my comptuer. You, my friend, are that reason. LOVE IT.