Thursday, July 24, 2008

Daddy Daughter Treasure

Super J has implemented $2.00 Daddy/Daughter dates...not because he's a cheap date, but because this way, the girls can each have one "date" a week without breaking the bank (or Daddy). This is the second week and they are LOVING it. They get an hour of Quality Time with Dad to run an errand or get a sundae or whatever they choose to do on a $2.00 budget, and then they also get to take a tub bath by themselves (though we may rethink that with Miss O...she pooped in the tub AGAIN during her special tub time...ugh. Seriously. UGH!)

Normally, this evening would be Miss A's "date night", but because of a Pioneer Day Celebration (Happy Pioneer Day, btw), she and Miss E doubled up last night and Super J took each of them (though individually) to a new CVS Pharmacy that just opened up in the neighborhood (Super J reported back that girls definitely shop differently than boys, and Miss A and Miss E shop very differently from each other. I guess they trolled up and down EVERY INCH of EVERY make-up aisle at the new CVS with Miss A. Miss E got bored somewhat quickly so they ended up going to the local Sonic and just getting a pineapple sundae). Miss A came home with a pack of gum. She is very very pleased with her purchase. She has also been very very good about sharing her prized possession...probably because this is her very first pack of gum and ownership, she has discovered, can be very gratifying indeed.

Last night, just before bed, she plotted about her next opportunity to chew her gum (Trident Bubble Gum, if you want to know what flavor captured her fancy). And, sure enough, after breakfast she popped a piece into her mouth, invited Miss E to join her and, per MY request, did this all out of Miss O's line of sight.

About an hour later, she came up to me and said, "Mom. You know why I like to chew gum?"

"No, hon. Why do you like to chew gum?" (please keep in mind, this is maybe the 5th time she's actually chewed gum).

"Because it's good exercise for my teeth. It makes them super strong."

Whatever. I'm just happy she's so happy...let's just all hope she keep it out of her very long hair.

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