Friday, July 11, 2008

The Ginormous Creepy Spider Went Up Over the Front Door Fast

Proving yet again that any meal that someone else prepares tastes vastly superior to anything I could have whipped up (and seriously, that they have MAD talent in the kitchen), I and Miss O enjoyed a lovely bbq rib dinner at Cryptic Jennifer's to celebrate Somebody's safe arrival back home from the Land of the Rising Sun. Holy smokes those ribs were amazing. Mayhaps I need to make more ribs to improve my skills...that, or I seriously need to go over for a tutorial (do you get the picture that they make great ribs?).

Here's the recipe from my first attempt at making these ribs. This is Cryptic Jennifer's recipe that she gave me, but now I know how they are really supposed to taste. They are seriously yummy and I encourage you to try it when you get the hunkering for some bbq.

In any case, as all good things do, the evening came to an end and while Miss O and I were getting on our shoes, I noticed a large spider just...hanging out near the front door...not sure what it was doing, but it wasn't moving around much...just looking big and freaky. And, being a squeamish femme when it comes to our eight legged "friends," I called Jennifer over and pointed it out. She in turn called her Alpha Female and Alpha Male (aka: Mom and Dad) over. Alpha Male surprised the HOLY COW out of me by, very zen like, encouraging this HUGE spider to go out the door.

Let's pause here and set the scene, shall we? Miss O is standing RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOOR, waiting for moi to get my shoes on my feet. When Alpha Male starts poking at the spider to get it to move, I double time my donning of foot apparel and turn around to see this HUGE and FREAKY spider has put it's proverbial pedal to the metal and is scurrying around as if it's life depended on it (and, another narrative pause: if it had been me chasing down huge freaky spider, my intent would not to free it back out into the wild outdoors but to squish it...dead. DEAD. UNMOVING. And now we continue our saga).

I'm a bit freaked out by how fast this creature is moving. And I am not alone. Miss O is FREAKED OUT...mainly because it's dancing towards her at GREAT SPEED!!!! OHHHHHHHTHESHRIEKING. And rightly so, because I am shrieking in my head as this thing is getting close to my 2 year old. Granted, even at 2, Miss O is about 90,000 times bigger than the spider, but man it is FAST!

What I will not do for myself, I will do for others, specifically my children. I step towards her, spider forgotten, and swoop her up into my arms and try to calm her. She is still SHRIEKING, and again, I sure as heck don't blame her.

Alpha Male successfully gets the huge and freakily fast spider out of his house (whew) and out of our way (whew, again). However, for the rest of the evening, Miss O will continue to freak out about any bug she sees...or anything that kinda maybe even resembles a bug, even though it's lint. Or a piece of carpet fiber. Stuff like this. And once again, I can't say I blame her. I'm still a little weirded out myself by it.

But. Man those ribs were worth it. :)


Jennifer Lee said...

I'm thrilled that you like the ribs, but you should know that they didn't taste any better than the ones you make. Honest. And, well, sorry about the spider.

Jennifer Lee said...

I was just rereading this (could it really have happened more than a year ago?!?) and laughing and feeling really guilty that Miss O's extreme fear of all things bug can be traced back to this incident.