Friday, July 11, 2008

The visit to the doctor

So, I'm already dialated to a 1, which is good news but let's face it, means relatively nothing at this point, and probably only 90% effaced (which is not much). I've been swabbed, so we'll see if I have group b strep (I haven't had it before, so I'm doubting I have it now, but you never know), and I've been informed that my doctor is going to be out of town the first week in August. Argh. So if I go into labor that week, I'll be delivered by someone I haven't met OR if I go into labor on the weekend and my doctor isn't on call, I'll be delivered by someone I haven't met. If this was my first baby, I'd probably be freaked out, but I tell you, the amazing nurses in the maternity ward do (quite honestly) much of the work and I haven't met them, so, way or another, all will be fine.

Anyway, we're going to keep an eye on New Baby and myself and see how things go. We are now 4 weeks from delivery, unless she makes a decision to come before then. Very exciting.

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Katie said...

It is very exciting. I can't wait for new baby. I'll have to come for another visit - of course, in a few months, not right away. :-)