Saturday, July 26, 2008

200th Post!

Wowzer. 200. And what a post this will be.

As I type, I am currently sitting with my left leg propped up, crutches by my side.

I've got your attention now, don't I, Gentle Reader.

So, yesterday started with plans for my younger brother and his family to visit in the evening and stay the night and drive home on Saturday (they were returning from a vacation to Colorado). As it turns out, they ended up needing to be home BY Saturday, so they were just going to stop by for lunch and continue driving. But then my youngest nephew got into his mom's contact case, so that set them back to stopping by for dinner and then they would just drive on home and arrive at their place later that night. Does this make sense so far?

Anyway, since I had a doctor's appointment (where I discovered I'm still at a 2cm but 30% effaced), I decided I'd just get pizza from Costco when they got here for lunch (at this point, I thought they were still coming for lunch). And then, of course, found out they'd be here at 3:00ish! Ohhhhhh! So, I put Miss O down for a nap and got to thinking, how can I get dinner without being gone almost the entire time they would be here...hmmmmmmmmm...I know! I'll get the pizza early and we can always reheat it. So, I had Miss A and E go to the bathroom and get shoes on and get in the car ("Let's move it, girls!!!!" I distinctly remember being short with them because their pace was soooooo slow). I came into the house from the garage and was getting ready to go upstairs and wake up Miss O when...I'm not 100% sure what happened, but suffice to say, I tripped on the carpet (????) and ended up face down, basically belly flopping onto the floor after hearing a very ugly "POP" noise and feeling my ankle go kinda wonky.

Gentle Reader, I bawled like a baby from shock and pain. I just need to remember this moment so that I have more empathy for my children when they biff it. Hang on while I have that moment.....okay! Done.

So. My first thought was, "MY BABY!" because, seriously, fell SMACK on my front (I have bruises on my shoulder, my left palm, my right hand on some knuckles and my right knee...when I do something, I don't just halfway do it). Then, the next thought was, "Oh my gosh! I just ordered 5 pizzas!" (there are 8 in my brother's family and you should see them eat pizza). Next, "What am I going to do!" "The girls are out in the car!" "My baby!" "Where's the phone." "WHAT HAVE I DONE???????"

I called the girls back into the house, and had Miss A get me the phone. I called Super J and he just up and left work to come home. Love that man. He told me to call and cancel the pizzas. Duh. Why did I not think of that? I called my OBGYN and spoke to the nurse on call. She was an amazingly calming influence while I was trying to hold it together...and luckily, I was able to tell her that there was no fluid lost (aka: amniotic fluid still doing its job), no blood (placenta still in place) and yes to fetal movement (baby still kickin'). She told me to prop my ankle up and take some Tylenol and assess the situation when I wasn't so much in shock, and that it was appropriate to have it looked at and that it was perfectly safe to get it x-rayed (all these dumb questions I had! Ugh!).

Super J got home, closed up the minivan (which had been left with doors wide open), closed the garage door and was there when Good Brother and family arrived. We actually had a nice visit for about an hour and a half, which was when we determined based on the size my ankle had swollen to, that we should get it looked at. I got a blessing, found some childcare for the girls, and got Good Brother and family loaded up (NEXT time I promise to feed you guys!) and away we went to the Urgent Care.

I should say that the childcare was a bit of a blessing. I called Kristan (aka: our friend JK's mom), and the first words out of her mouth after saying hello was, "Are you psychic?" and our conversation went something like this:

"No! Why?"
"Seriously! Are you psychic?"
"Were you thinking about me, and how I had fallen and have either sprained or broken my ankle and need someone to watch the kids while I go to the Urgent Care?"
"Nuh uh! You are kidding me!"
"I wish!"

Suffice to say, she was on her way home and was able to watch the kids for me while we went to Urgent Care.

3 hours and 4 x-rays later, turns out that the doctor thinks I have a severely sprained ankle, but there's "one little spot" she wasn't sure of, so I have to wait to have that confirmed (one way or the other) by the radiologist on Monday. So, while I have all this sprained ankle info, we are treating it like a fracture for now. Good times.

Personally, I'm thinking it is a sprain, because it feels much better today (well, all things still hurts and is still swollen and is now varying shades of purple and blue, but you know what I mean). And, of course, I'm not really walking on it and I'm keeping it elevated and I'm taking Extra Strength Tylenol (have I mentioned how much I miss Ibuprofen when I'm pregnant???? I MISS IT! It's my medicine of choice, I just gotta say, but you can't take it for blood clotting reasons when pregnant), but I'm able to get around better. I wish I wasn't feeling so achey all over, but I guess that's to be expected.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated on my progress. I'll be fine. I'm just taking it slow and trying to let Super J be...well...Super. He's really doing an amazing job handling the girls and EVERYTHING (I am so mad at myself for doing this and so embarrassed and feel like a GOOF!), and he and Miss A even made me a delightful breakfast "in bed" this morning. He told me, "The kitchen's a mess and if I come home and find you've done the dishes.." (he knows me too well...honestly, I don't know if I'd actually do the dishes, but I do know that I'd WANT to do the dishes)"...I'll spank you!" lol.

And, I have to say that the girls, in particular Miss A, have been SOOOOOOOO HELPFUL! I mean, seriously, I can't tell you the number of times she has said, "I'd do anything to help mom. She's so poor right now." Too cute. Miss O just wants to touch my splint and remove the frozen peas from it (I'm not feeding my ankle frozen peas, mind you, but keeping a bag of them on it to help with the swelling), but I know it's just because she's curious as to why I'm such a lump! Miss E was plenty freaked out when it first happened, but has calmed down since and is very good at getting me things when I ask for them.

All in all, I'm very blessed. I look back and I try to think, "Did I miss something? A prompting? A quiet word of warning?" and there's really nothing but when I really stop and ponder, 2 things do kinda come to mind. One, I'm annoyed with myself that I was so short with the girls being so slow and was on the verge of yelling at them I was getting so frustrated, and two, kinda thinking to myself why are YOU rushing so much. Maybe if I'd taken the turn a little slower...maybe if I hadn't been trying to GET IT DONE RIGHT THEN...I don't know. All I do know is that I'm definitely taking things much slower right now, and hopefully, my ankle is only sprained and will heal or be well on the mend when New Baby does show up. It's also funny how Friday morning I was longing for New Baby to just get born! Now, I'm like, Stay in there! Stay in there! lol. Ohhhhhhhhh, how things change.

And on that happy note, I better go put some more "magic peas" (aka: frozen peas) on my ankle which is starting to swell a bit.

Hope YOUR day turns out better. :)


Katie said...

Oh, my dear friend. I'm glad you're OK. And I'm glad you don't do things half way, huh? And just remember, sometimes things just happen - nothing to do with what we could have done or could not have done. :-)
What a good man you've got there with Super J.

Ragan said...

Oh my gosh! I'm glad you and baby are okay.

Katrina said...

*geep!* *hugs* Love you.

Adrienne said...

OHMYCRAP. I have been sympathy worrying about/for you the past 2 days. I also couldn't wait to hear how you described it on your blog. I hope you REALLY aren't guilting yourself, because freak accidents happen, and not because you're a freak. So there. You're the best!! I'm hoping this translates to more playdates for Nat and the gals.

Stephanie said...

Yikes! That totally sounds like something that would happen to me. Glad to hear you're okay, and I hope you can "take it easy" for the next little bit.