Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July afternoon...

Been pretty quiet here at the casa this afternoon, until....

Super J was still taking a well deserved nap and I got the kids fed, happily recreating the hot dogs you can get at Costco for a buck and a half. For some reason, they are DELICIOUS to me and I finally figured out what to buy at Costco to make them for my brood (except for Super J who finds them horrific...he will later enjoy some leftovers for lunch).

Lunch over, it was then time to put Miss O down for her nap, which meant that soon I'd get to take my own nap. I was close, ohhhhhhh so close to Miss O having her eyes shut....and I will continue this tale in a brief moment. However! That being said, here's a tender subject at the Zoo: to let your baby "cry it out" or not....I, Gentle Reader, cannot let my child "cry it out", so I don't...unless it's around Midnight-thirty and EVERYTHING else I have done has not achieved results. Yes. It is deemed The Final Resort. Besides, I enjoy rocking with them too much because it really is the only time it's just her and me, and Miss O is a good sleeper and usually nods off very quick.

Back to the story. When we last left off, Miss O was on the cusp of closing her eyes when all of a sudden, Miss A & E start SHRIEKING and running up the stairs, "Mommy! Daddy! Mommy! Daddy! MOMMY!!!! DADDY!!!!"

Code red emergency: ACTIVATED!!!!!!

OHHHHHOLYCOW! ZOOM comes Mommy from Miss O's bedroom, Miss O in her arms. ZOOM comes Daddy out of some stupor of napdom.


"MOMMY!!!! DADDY!!!! Joe is going to be on Blue's Room! They are having Blue's room on and Joe is going to be on it!!!!"

Code red emergency: DOWNGRADED!!!! IMMEDIATELY!!!!

Blood pressure and heart rate...still racing but relief washes over us and I let Super J deal with "what is and what is not an emergency" which requires such shrieking and I go back to put Miss O down. She is now wide awake, so it'll take a bit of time to get her back to sleep and then it'll take ME a bit of time to wind down as well.

Ugh. It's amazing how adrenaline can WAKE YOU RIGHT UP. I might go lay down and see if I can get MY eyes closed, because I am very tired after our morning "ride."

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