Friday, July 4, 2008

4th of July morning...

Happy Independence Day!

So this morning started off with a sweat-bath. Seriously.

The kids enjoyed the annual neighborhood "4th of July Bike Parade" (and did we get a single picture? No. We did NOT get a SINGLE picture! Our poor kids will have no memory of their childhood because we fall on the end of the spectrum of NO PICTURE TAKING parents. ugh.) where various bikes, strollers, mini-electronic cars (what are those called anyway?), and scooters made their way around the neighborhood.

I got Miss O up and dressed in time to meet Super J, Miss A and Miss E at the end of the Parade. Miss A actually rode her bike and was so happy and proud doing so. It was very sweet. Miss E rode her tricycle and poor Super J ended up pushing her pretty much the ENTIRE length of the course. My back hurt for him. Heck, getting Miss O down to the little pool area (where they started/stopped) was hard enough and I actually had a handle to push her "bike" with!

So, I kept asking afterwards if he was tired. "Nope. Nope, not tired. Feel fine."

And that would now explain why he is upstairs and has been sleeping for the past hour and a half.

ANYHOO, they served popsicles afterwards, and there's nothing like eating some frozen treat under the shade tree and then realizing that you actually have not had breakfast when you start feeling a wee bit sick, but go ahead and finish off an additional half of Miss O's icee popscile thing, just for good measure and because you are sweating like a stuck pig and are desperate for a way to stop that attractive bit of the festivities (but then you wonder if you teeth look purple like all the kids around you and wish you had NOT had the rest of Miss O's purple icee treat). And then you get some heartburn on top of a bit of nausea. What a fun way to start the morning!

Finally, we make our way back home and we are all pink in the face from exertion. What a sad sad commentary on our little family. Granted, it was hot outside, but not TERRIBLE. And we do live at the top of an incline, which you don't really notice unless you are pushing a tricycle or toddler bike (with said children) up the slope. And granted, I only have 4 weeks left, but really now. How embarrassing.

The moral of the story? If I'm going to completely exhaust myself with some form of exercise and exertion, think I'd rather go to swim lessons. lol.

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