Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July evening...

Ahhhhhh, nothing like a fun bbq and then fireworks, eh? Turns out that our plans changed a wee bit, but we ended up with enjoying such a fun bbq and then came home and to watch fireworks from our deck, that it didn't matter...and now I can serve root beer to lots of people in the future, so it's a win win. Plus, we actually had a really nice view of probably 2 big, different firework displays (one at the Lake and the other, even bigger one, at the Park) and then our local neighbors really obliged us with their own celebrations. I felt quite surrounded by the Rockets Red Glare.

And the best thing about it? Yep. The girls. They LURVED the rootbeer floats (which I think I will make an official tradition of the fourth of July. What a great idea! And where else can you hear from your four year old, "This is soooooo yummy! Mom, you make the best desserts.") and the amazing fireworks and were soooooooo wound up by the time we took them in for baths that when the fatigue hit...I'd say just right about the time they set foot into the shower, so did the illogical weeping and wailing. We were pretty happy that all good things do come to an end at that point.

Anyway, hope your 4th was fun and celebratory. Don't you kinda feel like you should be at church right about now? Or whatever you normally do on a Sunday? Sooooooo weird.

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