Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Panera Bread...literally.

So, my friend Katie recently revealed that she has a thing for Panera Bread's yummy food. If I'd only known this when she was visiting, for I, too, adore it. Also, it's so hard to find a place where they have Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi, which I prefer to C.F.D.Coke, so it makes it EXTRA special to go and enjoy a little something from Panera. For example, my current favorite meal is their lovely LOVELY tomato, basil, mozzarella salad with a balsamic vinaigrette...ohhhhhhhhhh, delish!


So, just last weekend we enjoyed an Italian meal with some friends. I love to go to friends' houses to eat because, can I just say (once again), that when you don't have to make a meal, it ALWAYS ALWAYS seems to taste better than anything you could have created at home? Do you know what I mean? The baked mostacolli was soooo good! And Cryptic Jennifer brought over, dare I call it succulent?...garlic bread. And where did she get the bread???? Panera. However I did not know this at the time. It was just this wonderful dense bread with crunchy (but not kill the inside of your mouth crunchy) crusty bread.

HOLY COW it was fabulous. In fact, later that evening, whilst others were munching on M&M's and other chocolaty/candy edibles, I myself went back for another lovely piece of crusty french bread, broiled to perfection with buttered garlic Parmesan toppings toasted to a golden brown. So good. Literally a little slice of heaven.

Why bring this up? Not to taunt you, Gentle Reader. I promise. PROMISE! But I bring this up to tell you of my craving for this bread, that I've had for days. And it really is a craving, because as of late I have had Heartburn from the HOT PLACE. OHhhhhhhhhhhh, the heartburn! I swear, New Baby is going to come out with a head full of hair or else I don't know what is going to happen! NEVER before have I had this heartburn. Oh merrrrrcy me.

But this afternoon, the craving overrode the potential Hotplace Heartburn and I called up Jennifer and asked where (oh where!) did she get her bread. Imagine my joy to discover: Panera! Imagine my sadness to find they were OUT of French Bread when I went to go get some. Argh.

Did that stop me from actually purchasing bread? Heck no. While in Panera Bread, bread must be bought...especially when they have Ciabatta, Sourdough and Asiago Cheese bread. And those, Gentle Reader, I have found, also make LOVELY garlic bread.

So, until I am able to procure some of that amazing French Bread (and one day, trust me, I shall), I have some other great tasting dense bread. Now if only I had thought to get me one of those TBMw/bv salads...with a new roll of tums. :)

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Katie said...

So taunting. Why, oh why do we not have Panera's in Utah. For the love...