Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Argh. That's what I have to say about this!

Okay...I have just completely deleted my morning's work on my blog, a post all about how I've been cleaning because the bug spray guy is coming and how ridiculous that is because, I'm 8.5 months pregnant and really don't want to be bending over and cleaning, for all people, the bug spray guy. Especially since yesterday I spent most of the day trying to stay off my feet because I was having more braxton hicks contractions than I normally do. But I did (clean) this morning because I feel compelled to PROVE that I do keep a cleanish/tidy home and that the ants that have invaded are, truly, uninvited guest and I don't want them in my house and it's not because I leave dirty dishes and food remnants out for them to feast upon, etc. etc. etc. (you can see where that was going) but in any case, whilst I am chagrined at myself for WHO I clean for, I have to admit, I LURVES me a clean house.

NEVERTHELESS!!!!!! All that had to go. Because I discovered something more important that MUST be discussed and recorded for posterity. I have discovered...a Hair. Growing out of...wait for NOSE! And I'm not talking about unattractive nose hairs that come out of the nostril. That's it's own special slice of the hot-place, I'm sure. No, I'm talking about a blond sprout...atop of Ol' Smokey.

WHAT is THAT about??? Yes, yes, I know. It's the Hormones at work and stuff like that. But I thought literal hair on the nose only attacked men in their 80's, or witches with moles on their noses. I do not have a mole on my nose for a hair to grow out of, though I must confess I have days where I am a wee bit on the witchy side.

ARRGH! I have NO IDEA why I had a "guest" shall we say, RIGHT THERE.

And then, of course, when I noticed it and identified it (it's kind of like thinking, is that a gnat I see out of the corner of my eye), I went to get my tweezers and then had the dickens of a time trying to pull the darn thing out (mainly because, granted, it is smallish and blond and wiley! WILEY, I tell you. And it didn't want to come out and I had no room in my home with decent lighting in which to find it). But I prevailed! It is gone.

Except the memory of burned (BURNED, I tell you) into my brain.

I think I am saddened by this because it once again emphasizes how whacked my hormones really are. Man, I need to get on some good birth control pills after this baby comes and I'm done nursing to balance this nonsense out. Gentle Reader, I'm so sorry to burden you with this. So sorry. This is probably WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much information, but seriously. I do not want to be known as the woman with nose hairs...growing out of her nose. More to the point, growing out of the TOP of her nose.


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Anonymous said...

*comfort* Thank god for tweezers.

Over the last year my eyebrows have gotten seriously what the heck. I mean inch long hairs. Inch long! And sometimes longer. I'll wake up and they'll be sticking up like a Klingons!

The point being, I totally empathize.

Love you. *hugs* :)