Thursday, June 26, 2008

Closing the Pool Down...

Last night, whilst Super J mowed and trimmed the yards, I took the girls to the pool with the hope that Super J would be able to join us when he was done. We stayed, played predominantly in the 1 footer pool, pooped (well, Miss O did...luckily, once again, I noticed that she had assumed the position/I-am-pooping face and got her out of the water and made the appropriate changes), and then moved into "The Big Pool" with inner tubes. I'd finally decided that since it was very close to 9pm, I should probably get the girls home and was starting to get everyone toweled off and had given the 1 minute warning when Super J shows up...jogging.

Ohhhhhh, the celebration from the girls. The Shrieks of Glee!!!! You'd think that Daddy had brought the girls swimming. We were all thrilled he'd shown up (probably Miss O more than any of us because she was sitting in the middle of the 1 Footer Pool, splashing whenever I approached, and was NOT going to be coming out without a fight. Ugh.)

So, we stayed to swim...all of us in "The Big Pool," until about 9:30ish...thereabouts, and then headed home for normal bedtime routine. We were the last ones to leave, by the light of the pool lamps. It was kinda nice, like our own private pool (albeit a block from our home). Still, I think we all felt it was a great family outing, and I was particularly proud of myself because I was at the pool with my girls, in a swimsuit, and I do NOT look like Demi or Britany or any other Hollywood mom in her suit. It's one of the things I do like about willingness to be in public in a swimsuit massively pregnant.

ANYWHOOOOO. Well, Miss A and E slept GREAT through the night and didn't get up until around 8:30ish. They were seriously tuckered out. I mean, Super J will toss them around the pool and play tag and all these fun and gloriously damp games, while I am like, "Wear your inner tube thing and don't splash Mommy directly in the face, please, or we are going home!"

Miss O, on the other hand, woke up around 3 am...and again at 3:30. And then I woke up around 5:00 something to pee, after tossing and turning all night. And again at 7:00 this morning, when Miss O woke up for the morning. She is currently on the floor by my feet, as I type, crying for (seriously) I don't know why. She's eaten. She's got clean pants on (and is, in fact, the only one dressed in clothing besides pajamas). She's been cuddled, nose wiped, back rubbed, picked up and put down (repeat, lather, rinse). Seriously. Who knows. Well, I know she's tired because *I'M* tired (having gotten up with her these various times, but do you see ME on the floor, bellowing for all to hear? No. Although, it doesn't seem like a bad idea now and then, as long as I laid on my left side, right?)

So, that's our current situation. I wonder if we were at the pool too long? But we were only there for an hour and a half.

And now Miss O done crying and is off to play with a toy from McDonald's (a post in and of itself). Do you ever wonder if we all wouldn't be, seriously, a little healthier in the head and heart if we were able to express our emotions and just get them out? I mean, kids live in the present. Whether it is shouts of Pure Joy because they see their daddy arrive to swim with them (they aren't worried that they are making Mom feel bad. They are just thrilled to see Parent #2, the Glorious One, the "Good Cop," etc. etc) or the pitching of a mighty fit for truly unknown reasons besides emotional overload. They don't care that their nose runs in public or they fart at inopportune times or any of that. It just all comes out.

We call it growing up when we are able to control these emotions, because it makes others feel better around us...we are not emotional messes for other people to clean up. But would we, like Miss O, once we vented, not have to have others clean us up (besides getting us a tissue for a runny nose so you didn't catch us licking it off our lips. **Shudders!**). What would our world be like?

This is just something I've been thinking about and thought I'd share.


Allison said...

You sound like me at the pool when I am talking to my kids: "Don't splash me in the face! It's not funny!" And meanwhile, Ryan is playing and pulling and teasing and the girls are having a blast with him. In fact, when Emi was about 2, she said one day, "Mummy, Daddy is better at playing."

Katie said...

The different between you and Super J at the pool reminds me of something my niece-in-law posted:

Tonight all the kids were in our room sitting on the bed. We had a special little conversation with Cannon. It went something like this…

Cannon: Mom who do you like more…me, Luke, Henry or Matthew?

Me: I love all of you the same. Imagine if I were to ask you who you like more…me or Daddy. You would say you love us both the same.

Cannon: Well actually I like Dad one inch more. He always buys us lots of stuff and you always say no, no, no, no to everything at the store.