Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm driving down the highway, singing "Called to Serve"

This is a total "hat tip" to Adrienne. She had this video clip on her blog and it gave me a GREAT idea for teaching the chorus to "Called to Serve" in Primary today, so I decided to put it on my blog to better explain (and because it's soooo funny I wanted to share).

This is what I did: I had the kids "Earn a Word" by throwing one of 3 balls into a basket. If they got the big fuzzy ball in the basket, they got to sing one word. A second smaller one got 2 words and a plastic one got 3 (or a phrase). If it bounced out of the basket, they got no words.

It went well in Junior Primary, but as it was untested, we had a few bumps along the way. They still learned the chorus pretty well, though, and I was impressed. Senior Primary, however, LURVED it. I mean, holy cow! The boys totally dug the whole concept of "EARNING A WORD" by making a basket (imagine that), and then I'd have them sing that earned word. So, even though they learned the chorus one or two words at a time, they did a GREAT job with it.

So, here's the video clip. It is, seriously, so dang hysterical. Thanks, Adrienne!!! And maybe next week I can tell you how "Called to Serve" sounds as a fish or pig...(watch the'll see what I mean).


Adrienne said...

Oh, I can not tell you the joy it brings me, knowing I have brought the joy of highway 40 to so many others. I would have LOVED to have been in primary today!!

Cindy said...

Miss L,
I have no idea where you found this, but it is the funniest thing I have seen in forever! Thanks for sharing!
Lurves you!

Katie said...

First of all, AWESOME primary technique. If I were still leading the music, I'd totally steal it. Wouldn't you know that when I click on the video, it says it's no longer available? Bummer!!