Friday, May 16, 2008

What a difference a day makes (whistle whistle whistle)

Gosh. It's amazing what sleep can do for you...or the passage of whatever hormonal storm I was going through (or, frankly, the combination of the two).

Last night, I went to the Scholastic Warehouse book sale with the fabulous Miss A.L. and after a little literary retail shopping therapy, came home and read 5 new books to my girls (felt like quite the mom) while Super J went home teaching. I actually enjoy reading to my young'uns, so I'm not sure why I get so dang testy at bedtime when it's actually time to read! Ugh. But it went well last night (with the exception of Miss O ripping up Miss E's sponge from Florida during bath's the thing: when you see your 22 month old sister ripping said sponge, WHY don't you stop her and take it from her??? This was my question to my teary Miss E (and Miss A for that matter). Because seriously, she had plenty of time to shred it. *rolls my eyes*).

And this morning, I feel like a burden has been lifted...I'm not sure what burden that is, though. But I'd say the crabbiness meter has dropped substantially...below 50% (for now...lolol). It's a happy feeling.

Which is a good thing because we've oodles to do before Miss E's "Astronaut Party" tomorrow, and it's always nicer to do when feeling much love for the children.


Katrina said...

Hey there! This is Katrina Smith from the Villa Bonita Ward. I found your blog on Becky Buntings and thought I would say hello!

Adrienne said...

Yeah, I was five hundred times nicer post-book therapy session! Plus, our HTs brought SHERIDANS!! Oh the humanity. They must NEVER NEVER be taken from us.
(And kudos to the long-suffering wives who are letting their beloveds home teach till 10 at night!!)

Miss L said...

Katrina Smith! Yes, I totally remember you! I'm so glad you stopped by. :) Please come back! How are you doing? Hope all is going GREAT for you!!!!! :)

Adrienne, you DESERVE Sheridan's after the day/previous day/evening you'd had. lol. :) Plus, I think it does him good to be able to be out and amongst friends after the kiddos go to bed...I suppose it's only fair because it's one of my favorite things to do, too. :)