Friday, May 16, 2008

In the Leafy Treetops

Well, hello, GORGEOUS!

We have 10 new trees in our backyard, even as we speak. Autumn Blaze Maples to be exact. Super J is placing the trees in the holes he dug Wednesday and Thursday (actually, I guess he was done by Wednesday night, but he had to "move" some pipe for our sprinkler system and did that yesterday) while sometimes digging the hole bigger while Misses A and E are out "helping." Yegads.

Still, our backyard will never be the same, in a good way.

And me? I have gotten a hat and water for J, sunblock for all, taken pictures and some video footage, and am currently blogging about the experience while eating a bowl of tortilla chips with melted (microwaved) cheese and salsa. Yep. Working hard.


Ragan said...

Mmm, you need to try dipping your tortilla chips in cream cheese covered in salsa. Yummy!

Oh, and trees are cool too ;)

Adrienne said...

When I was preggers, every shopping trip I'd pick up one of those Wal-mart generic quesos and a bag o chips. And eat it ALL in one sitting as soon as I got home. As the pregnancy progressed, one lone little jar of queso was not enough. Man, it makes me want to back up a bag of Doritos RIGHT NOW.
And your tree-filled yard looks gorgeous!! Good thing YOU are the proud homeowners assoc. prezes.