Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ooooooo Miss O and Miss Grumpy Pants

I gotta say with lots of love, Miss O is at that age where sometimes, honestly, she is a very trying little girl.

We have been up since about 8:00. So far, "we" have dumped water not once, not twice, but THREE times. Gosh! Maybe even four times, because at one point, she was pouring water from one cup to another...so I lose count. But it's definitely more than once. All while I am trying to get Miss E's cake done for her birthday. GRRRRRR. She's also gotten into all the wipes, and then found all the empty boxes of wipes and brought them all out (don't ask why I haven't pitched these empty containers. I'm sure I read about some fabulous storage idea in "Real Simple" magazine). She's currently carrying the boxes from one room to the next and trying to sit on them.

I am 100% sure that if I wasn't trying to get stuff done, none of this would bother me. Okay. I lie. All the water dumping would and does bother me. But the wipe thing...I'm kinda used to that by now, as it seems to be a rite of passage when you are in your (near) two's. But right now, I'm so dang grumpy it's not even funny.

Hmmmmm...did I mention I just got back from a great getaway with Super J? Yes. It only took 24 hours for me to snap like a crazed thing at my kids yesterday...around 5:47ish. I know because I looked at the clock, having realized I'd just done it. How sad is that?

UPDATE 1: Just had to put Miss O in time out because she was pitching a fit concerning moving chairs and touching the computer's on/off button. She keeps telling me "NO! NO! NO!" and I keep telling her, "I know! That's what I'm saying, too." So, to the step she went and I sat by her and waxed eloquent to my 22 month old about how frustrating it is not to get our own way, etc. etc. She is continuing to cry during my little sermon. Then all of a sudden, she stops. She looks at me and I swear, she says, "I feel better, Momma." We hug and she gets up, fit over. Bizarre.

UPDATE 2: 10 minutes later. Keep in mind, I'm still in my pajama's and didn't bother with a bath yesterday. Thus, I look pretty darn scary. There is a knock at the door. I make a mad dash to put something more appropriate on (pants verses pj shorts) and answer it. Two sweet Jehovah's Witnesses are there. They ask how I feel about the current state of the world, bringing up the scary things that are going on, including how terrible gas prices are, and I tell them that I am LDS and that we need to be wise, not panic, but realize that there is hope and that all this is part of a plan. They share a scripture out of Revelations and agree that there is hope. They leave a pamphlet (it will refer me to scriptures from my own Bible...loved that) and I ask if they need water or anything. Nope. They've just started out and are doing well. I wish them luck and share that I did this when I was 21 and know it's not the easiest thing sharing messages of hope, and they depart with smiles and waves from the girls.

And guess who doesn't feel quite so grumpy. :)


Madelyn said...

Way to greet your door visitors with love and kindness! I hope that when they one day knock on my door I respond as appropriately as you!

Shari said...

I read that "Real Simple" tip too...it's for crayons, or hair bows... anything small. Polly pockets, barbie clothes, little army men...really anything, but if they're just sitting around empty, taking up space, maybe you should toss them!