Sunday, May 25, 2008

Simple Pleasures

Sometimes, simple is so wonderful. Why do I not take advantage of simple things more often??????

Tonight we decided to have F.H.E. because tomorrow is going to be a crazy day (and Super J decided we needed to address a few issues on reverence that came up today during Sacrament Meeting...I wouldn't know about those issues as I was OUT in the hall, literally chasing Miss O who was dashing about like a crazed animal in our very humid church building. Nothing like going into Primary already worked up in sweat and lather. Pretty. And now, let us sing.)...wonderful but busy, you know?

So, tonight we had Cheesy Tuna Helper for dinner. That's it. No veggies. No salad. No fruit. Just tuna helper, which took maybe 15 minutes to make. Oh. And Lemon/Lime "Cool-aid" (some off brand) with only about 3/4th the sugar, but a treat none-the-less.

And for the after F.H.E. treat? Brownies. From the box. Made exactly as they were directed with nothing added (I'm quite fond of adding chocolate chips or nuts or a combo and maybe something for the top...anything to make it "special." So when I say I made it just from the box, that's something for me). Confessedly, I did offer the girls a scoop of ice cream, which 2 of the three accepted. So I gave them vanilla. Simple. Delicious (though still messy).

Okay, have to add that Miss A (the abstainer) just asked for a scoop of ice cream saying, "I always planned to have my ice cream AFTER my brownie."

Oh, uh huh? Really? I'm a sucker right now, though, so I gave her one.

Simple. Not complicated. I need to do this more often. Will I??? Nah. Probably not. But it's something I need to consider. :)

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Katie said...

I'm sorry - Tuna Helper with NO veggies? The shame! You know, you parents amaze me... providing meals every day for a whole family? I don't even like to do that for myself.