Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Getting back in the swing of things...

It rained yesterday morning here, so our church breakfast was a wee bit soggy. But it seemed everyone had just the best of times...except, you know who had her knickers in a twist half the day? Me.

Wow, was I a snot!

It's weird to be on "the other side," and realize, "Wow. I was a snot yesterday morning." I feel like going around and apologizing, because it wasn't ANYTHING anyone did or could have done to "fix it" or anything like that (though it might have helped a little if people had just left my breakfast alone when I took my girls to the bathroom instead of swooping in to take our seats. Grrrrrrrr.). Like food poisoning, I guess it just has to run its course. But, boy howdy...I was in a nasty little mood. And ohhhhhhhhhh, you should have heard me...um...critiquing other people driving in the rain. The good thing was that it was under my breath, for the most part. The bad thing is that *I* know I did it.

It's kinda funny thinking back on it, because it really is like having a "What happened with that???" kind of moment. Oh well.

Today is a new day. Thank goodness. :) And the stores are open. Did you know that both Costco AND Aldi's were closed to commmemorate Memorial Day? Humph! You'd think it was a national holiday or something. ;)


So, do you ever wish you had a maid service? There are days I wished someone else was responsible for my kitchen duties. Well, heck. All of my "household" duties, now that it's mentioned. Except vacuuming. I love to vacuum, but if they didn't mind carrying the vacuum up and down the stairs, that would be great. Oh, and they could vacuum the stairs while they were at it...I'd be okay with that, too.

I wouldn't mind helping out with, let's say, the laundry. I don't mind putting laundry in and changing it--in fact, I'd hazard the opinion that I'm a bit of a control freak about how much soap and softener and stain spray all of our clothes get and at what temperature in which it's cleaned (not because I'm the best at that, I'm just a control freak with it)...it's the folding and putting away that always get me. Ugh.

I'd definitely be more efficient if I had a helper to fold and put clothes and stuff away, except for my "delicates" because I'm a bit weird about other people handling my "foundation garments" (Have you ever heard your underwear called that? My girlfriend was getting fitted for a wedding and that's what the salesperson kept calling her ...um...intimate apparel. Interesting, non? I guess it's a pretty accurate, if not somewhat formal, description of the basic layer of cloth next to your skin. ANYWAY! Regardless of what you call it, I'm weird about other people folding mine and putting them away. Probably because my "foundation garment" drawer is CRAMMED with said clothing. In many different sizes, conditions and now shapes. I'm excited to be done being pregnant and nursing so I can purge some of them with wild abandon...but that's a post for another time.)

It was so great on Saturday to have help cleaning. Super J helped with the folding and putting away and we even got the girls in on the act with help dusting and putting away toys and such (of course, having them match socks SOUNDS like a good plan until it's actually implemented and the fighting ensues). In no time at all, we got everything spit spot. And today is Tuesday and I still see remnants, but it's not as crisp as it once was.

Today would be a good day for a maid to come in. lololol. I like to refer to myself as the maid sometimes, but if I really were the maid, I'd have to fire myself because I'm quite inconsistent. I do good work, but some days, I just don't show up. And my kitchen is a mess. Which brings me back to my original question. Don't you sometimes wish you had a maid service? Ironically, though, I'd probably start cleaning so the maid didn't think I let my family live in such conditions. lol. Then I wouldn't really need a maid! I'd need a nanny to take care of my kids because I'd be so exhausted from all the cleaning! Guess we'll just have to stick with the status quo.

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