Saturday, May 24, 2008

A real reward???

So, after a long day where our little family was truly "Team Peters" (as Super J likes to call us) and we got all our chores done and Super J got all his trees replanted or at least rectified all the air pocket issues he was concerned about (a little chore that took about 6 hours), he suggested we visit our neighborhood pool that opened it's "gates" on Friday.

Keep in mind, it's 78 degrees outside when we head out. I know this because I had just checked on

ANYWAY! Off we go, all swim suited and excited to be doing something "special". We get to the pool and we immediately tell our offspring to head towards the smaller, square wading pool that is all of 1 ft deep.

As we walk over, one little girl says oh so helpfully, "Yeah, that one is warmer because it has pee in it."

I kid you not.

I was shaking so hard trying not to bust a gut laughing. And so we start our summer at the pool. And now you know, when you are in a pool that is "warmer," the REAL reason.

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