Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sharing beverages

The Set-up: Miss O, as we all know by now, is a water hound.

She loves to be in it, feel it, free it from the captivity of the refrigerator or sink, and most of all, drink it. It's her favorite beverage. And she feels any abandoned cup (meaning: even one sitting a few feet from it's owner) is fair game. She love, in particular, to find MY glass or, let's be honest: any of my plastic 42oz cups that I've gotten from ordering the SUPER SIZE beverage from McDonald's or picked up at some gas station that now hold a bit of my daily water intake.

Gentle Reader, true confessions: I have mentioned this before, but sadly it bears repeating. I have an addiction to a good, solid plastic cup. Super J would testify to that in court. Of course, I obviously dig a tasty fountain drink if it comes with it...which, truth be told, is harder to come by than one might think. But a nearby Quik Trip gas station has afforded me the opportunity to make my favorite beverage combo, so it becomes a real treat for me: Over crushed ice, I combine half caffeine free diet Coke and half full sugared acid-eat-a-hole-straight-through-your-stomach Coke. Yum. AND, I get a great plastic cup to boot. (and I'm not a cola snob...if they offered caffeine free diet Pepsi/regular Pepsi, I'd fill up on that, too). I do NOT get one super often, but I do love knowing that I can!!!!

ANYWAY! Getting back to Miss O and her water. After a busy day today of playing at the park and then going to Costco with all the girls and Miss A's bestest friend in the whole wide world (yes. That's 4 girls and myself at Costco. A woman there asked me in all seriousness if I did child care or if all those girls were mine. Nice. I was kinda glad she didn't notice or mention that I was pregnant.), we came home and got settled down. Miss O, who had power napped for about 20 minutes in the car, decided to forgo her afternoon nap (and who's feeling it right about now? Oh She did not forgo her afternoon snack. Thus, eating a cracker, she came and found me (by the computer, of course) and my water and wanted a drink of my "dat-dah".

Ugh. A 22 month old with a mouth full of crackers and my water...not necessarily a combo I'm thrilled with because, let's say it all together: BACKWASH!

But you know what, Miss O and her water lovin' heart, SURRRRR-PRISED me. She didn't. Backwash, that is. And you know what...this isn't the first time I've noticed it. But I was reminded of this strange talent she has. So, Hip Hip Hooray! My water was saved. And I knew I had to blog about it, because it's so peculiar. Even her older sisters still backwash, and so when THEY want a drink, generally I chug whatever I want of my beverage before surrendering it to them, because once I give it to them, I really don't want it back.

So now you know. If Miss O ever swipes your beverage when you are visiting us, feel free to be grossed out by whatever germs she may be sharing with you, but you can be happy to know it's relatively safe from backwash. Interesting, eh?

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