Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Miss E's Preschool Closing Program

Tonight we got to go Miss A & E's Preschool at a near-by Baptist Church, for Miss E's end of year program (Miss A's commencement is on Thursday--can you imagine? Commencement from Preschool...gotta love it). The 3 yr old class (who now are mainly 4 yr olds) were soooooo cute. They just sang a lot of the songs they had learned through the year. You should have seen their rendition of "Where is Thumbkin?"...Even Miss E was looking at her hands like, "Yeah, where IS Thumbkin?" and those pointer fingers???? Too funny. Even as an adult, it's kinda hard to hold "Middleman" and "Ringman" up, so you can only imagine what these kids were working with.

And, of COURSE, we have pictures, and yes...I'll be posting. I know I say that about all these events, but just you wait! When I get my pictures downloaded, it'll be a smattering of EVERYTHING from Florida to birthday parties to this! It'll be shocking, I'm sure, to actually see stuff I've been talking about. :)

Still, we were very happy she had such a good year. She's super excited to be going back next year. Why, you ask? I know the answer because I actually did ask. She's excited because, "I get to go on Field Trips." Oh. Okay. That's a lot of excitement for 4 field trips, believe you me. :)

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