Friday, May 9, 2008

A quick update

So, we are in FLORIDA! Can you believe it? I hardly can. I'm using Super J's laptop and it is very temperamental for and then, it totally jumps to some random place while I am typing. Very frustrating (just happened. grrr). So, this will be short. But I'll definitely write more when I get home.

Talked to Aunt D and the kids are doing great. WHEW! It's so much more relaxing and enjoyable being away knowing my kids are doing so well. :) So far, we've landed, gotten our convertible rental car, gone to the temple, gotten to our Holiday Inn...that is a post in and of itself. Hotel Grade: B (so far). We've gone to a couple of beaches (Super J has even gone swimming...not me. I am not an ocean swimmer. Scary! ANYWAY! The beaches are lovely, though. And I love sitting on the beach, letting go of my "negative ions." That is a reference from when I went down to New Orleans with my History Club when I was an undergrad and one of my oldest friends (meaning, she's known me forever and ever, not that she's old) and I got shoulder massages from this "vendor" on the boardwalk. He kept telling me to relax and to release my negative ions into the Might Mississippi. Oooooookay. Still. It's very soothing to sit on the beach and read (I brought along Stephanie Meyer's new release, "The Host," which I bought from Wal-mart for a screaming deal. )

Moving on...we've had a couple of meals of Seafood, which has been so yummy (if not a wee bit pricey), and we even ate at Keegan's, which we saw on "Guy's Big Bite" on the Food Network. We even ordered the Octopus Appetizer, which is what is dangling from Super J's mouth in the picture above. It wasn't bad, I have to say...much like calamari, if you enjoy that kind of thing. Regardless, Gentle Reader, they had the most divine Key Lime Pie. I kid you not. It melted in my mouth. Sooooooo delightful. Tonight we ate at Crabby Somebody's Name that I can't remember right now and Super J is napping, so I'll have to fix that later. I think I like the food better at Keegan's, but the ambiance was so fun at Crabby's. I told Super J that I should have bought one of their Gift Shop t-shirts that said, "Don't worry...Be Crabby," because that will be me the last two weeks in July. Ha!

So, anyway, I'm full of great stories but this computer is driving me nuts. We are taking pictures (we got a new camera!) so I'll be posting some of those. In the meantime, hope all is going well for you, Gentle Reader.


Shari said...

That picture is too funny...I actually thought it was a pretzel! I hope you're having fun! I wish you a safe and relaxing trip!

Katie said...

Ewww, what the? That picture freaks me out.
OK, The Host. Have you started yet? I've heard great things. I have it, it's waiting in my book stack.
I hope you're having the most splendid time in Florida! YIPPEE!!