Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The countdown clock has started

And we've officially dropped the kids off at their Aunt/Uncle's house. Once we arrived, we set up Miss O's crib and we gave all three a bath and put Miss A & E to bed so Aunt D could see the routine and then we left, just before Miss O would normally go to bed. Aunt D was going to put her to sleep. As I watched them walk upstairs (we thought it best that they go upstairs before we left), I must confess that I nearly lost it. As I type, I am nearly losing it. I'm a wee bit sad. I told Super J that I'm glad he is so excited, because it might take me a bit to catch up. Maybe I'm just tired, but I feel something missing. Ohhhhhh, my heck. My hormones must be raging in a weepy direction. Anyway. This gives me a tiny glimmer into what it must be like to suffer a loss and still have to come home to the house where everyone once was.

AHEM! But it's going to be a great experience. Super J gave each of the girls a blessing (and me...perhaps I might have needed it the most) before we dropped them off, so I feel comforted and know this really is going to be a great experience.

I just wish the house didn't feel so empty...and quiet.

But it's going to be a great experience. I'm just going to repeat that to myself until the plane takes off.

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Jace and Lacie Muramoto said...

Your story about the spray on tan is hysterical. Those things drive me batty. I have to use baby wipes on my hands immediately and go straight to the bathroom to scrub scrub scrub!! Have so much fun on your trip! Enjoy it. I'm going through the same problem with an upcoming trip we have planned to Mexico. I am so terrified to leave the kids. But it's going to be so great getting a tan and not worrying about any of the chillens! Have fun! Be safe.