Monday, May 12, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

We made it back! Hallelujah. I say that because I have to admit that the final descent took FOREVER and was bumpy and my bladder was FULL and so when we hit the ground, safe and sound, I was thrilled we had chosen seats towards the front and were able to disembark the plane so quickly. Of course, the ladies bathrooms outside of the security gate (you'd have to know this airport to appreciate the setup) all had lines (grrrrr), so I kept walking until I found a wonderful sight: an empty family bathroom. Again, Hallelujah! After that, I was happier to be home.

We got our luggage, went and turned on the processor at Super J's work, and went and got our girls. It was so good to see them, and I swear, they were all taller, smarter, and their hair was longer. Strange.

After what seemed like forever in getting all our paraphernalia out of Aunt D's place, we arrived home and the first thing I thought? Not that I was thrilled I had tidied up before we left even though that meant not starting to pack until 11pm? No. And not that I was thrilled to be home which meant that I wouldn't be sleeping on that incredibly firm hotel mattress bed, but I truly thought, "Who peed in my house?"

The house had this really strong ammonia smell. Terrible! Not what I was expecting to arrive home to. When I pointed this out to Super J, he told me that it was just the smell of basil wafting up from the basement (he is THRILLED at how the basil grew in just 4 days). Ummmmmm. No. It's not basil. Trust me. NOT basil.

I eventually found the culprit as we were getting things unpacked and relocated. In my whirlwind of tidying, it seems that I failed to take out a garbage bag with two wet diapers, so they had 4 wonderful days to ferment (I'm not sure if that's what they do, but whatever it is, it wasn't good) into solid ammonia, without being disturbed. Once that got out of the house, things were better.

Gentle Reader, let this be a lesson to you: Take out ALL the garbage before you leave on your trip. Ugh.

Overall, it was such a great trip. It was so fun spending time alone with Super J and visiting Florida for the first time and having these great experiences. Making memories. Still, J and I were both like, I wouldn't want to live here on a permanent basis, but it really was a nice place to visit. We look forward to taking the girls at some point, when they are older (and out of me...traveling at 7 months pregnant wasn't terrible, but OOOOOOOooohhhhh the swelling! I lost 5 pounds between last night and this morning from water retention!) I'm also so glad we were able to help stimulate the economy (thanks Rebate Check! lolol).

OH! And guess what the biggest "hit" was with the girls of all the gifts/trinkets we brought back? Yep. The random bag of shells we bought (there was no way we could have found all those nice shells ourselves) and the very random collections of shells I picked up at the beach. They LOVE them. lol.

And now to our next big event: Miss E's birthday!

I'll post more about the trip, with pictures, soon. :)


Jennifer Lee said...

Welcome back! That suit is from Wallyworld, you say? It's cute. Nice choice. You do some good shopping on a deadline...with three girls in tow...with no time to try things on. Do you offer lessons to those of us not as skilled?

Miss L said...

Thank you! The one I got from Wallyworld This little number (and the other assortment of things I kept) are from The GREAT Target. :)

And I am happy to give frantic shopping buying lessons. Anytime.


Adrienne said...

I was wanting to comment on your suit too -- adorable! You guys look so vacationy!
My own Princess Gab is looking at the bears on your blog and eagerly "WOOF WOOFing" at them. Nice.