Monday, May 19, 2008

Another new skill

As I've been sitting reading our dear friend Jennifer's latest entry on her crazy great blog (and which I would love for you to read and let me know what YOU the comments and you'll see what I think), Miss O has come up to me with my empty-ish EasydeX 50 bottle. She has unscrewed the lid.

Yes. That is right. She can now unscrew caps...from bottles. And sippies. Over and over. Sometimes, like just a moment ago, she'll take a cup of water that once belonged to one of her sisters from lunch and try to pour the contents into the empty-ish EasydeX 50 bottle. On the carpet.

And the good times with her just keep'a rolling along.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How about this, I think you have a valid opinion. I think I'd rather people were nicer about their disagreements, but I can understand why you were appalled.

My opinion? Well, it's one way to get a ticket if one really wants it, but it's not a game I'd play.

Love ya, sis! :)