Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Intestinal issues (sorry for TMI) and their silver linings

Update: Opposition! (and yet another post for May 6!!! It's a posty kind of day, I guess)

Miss A and Miss E have both come down with the Raging Trots, so to speak. Miss A was self "diagnosed" this morning (I don't know where she learns these things, but she informed me it was "orange and very loose." Okay, then. I took her word for it...and happily haven't had to confirm or deny it since). Miss E was diagnosed just a few minutes ago when she called me in for assistance because she was finished and needed help wiping, and we both discovered that there had been an accident in her pants when we were going to pull her pants up. Seriously, Miss E had no clue there had been any problem and was just as surprised as me with the discovery. Luckily, it was very easy to clean up, but it was (beyond a doubt) retch-worthy. I had to leave the bathroom several times. Simply put: EWWWW.

Meanwhile, Super J is having issues with the processor at work. I called to share my disgusting news with him only to learn he is embroiled in his own dilemma. For some reason, the processor is not making product as it should, so he's torn it apart and has said that he is now behind for orders for tomorrow.

What to do???? Well. We've said some prayers. I find it fascinating that all this is starting to happen as the countdown for The Getaway is approaching.

But it's all okay. We shan't panic (no. We'll save that for Mystic Tanning experiences. Oh! And while we are visiting this subject, let's give a big kiss, warm hug and shout THANK YOU to our great friend, JK's Mom, for letting me buy some of her Arbonne Self Tanner to help even out my bronzed leprosy spots).

Always a way to feel better, let's look at several silver linings of the day, shall we?

1. At least we aren't trying frantically to pack everyone up, drop them off at our amazing relatives' house and leave for said Getaway.
2. At least Super J has time to work on the processor and may be able to get it to run and make product through the night so the shipment can still go out.
3. At least I have some potential swimsuits (had to throw that in there).
4. At least we didn't have the above mentioned accident WHILE LOOKING for those potential swimsuits. Oh dear heaven above. Yes. That is a true silver lining if I have ever listed one.
5. At least we know we are blessed with the above silver linings and can see that the hand of the Lord is truly resting on us.

We can get through the rest, knowing that.

Until I decide to post another exciting installment in 15 minutes, as seems to be the trend today, hope your day is going well and you are able to find some silver linings if it's not. :)

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