Saturday, May 17, 2008

And we have lift-off!!!!!!!

The Astronaut Party is over! WHEW!

I had amazing help, which was unplanned but definitely appreciated, with some of the moms staying and helping (we even had a dad stay and help and I think Super J was pleased as punch to have someone go to Costco to get pizza with him). It turned out much better than anticipated, but I was SURPRISED to find that my little angels were the most monstrous of them all--actually, pretty much the ONLY monsters at the party. What the heck is that all about???? Seriously, I had to send Miss A to her room because she was practically attacking other adults with the cheap Chinese rocket toys and such we'd gotten as party favors. And Miss E???? The most pouty child until the pizza showed up. So annoying. And, frankly, so embarrassing.

But other than a few mishaps like that (and why oh why did I (a) not get enough "space" helmets and (b) get everyone the same kind??????), things went well. We had enough food, the cake turned out (pictures to be posted later) and was edible (last night around 11:30, I had my doubts), and best of all, Miss E was ECSTATIC about her gifts (this was after the pizza and she'd eaten. She was definitely a different child). Seriously. I kid not. I have never seen a child with such enthusiastic reactions to each and every present. It literally brought tears to my eyes (it didn't help that I was a wee bit on the fatigued side, I'm sure, but still!). I made a joke during the party that it was like we never got her anything, she was sooooo effusive about her gifts, but I think it made everyone feel good. AND, we got it on "tape." Yep. We got the gambit of emotions at this particular Astronaut Party: snotty kid, annoying kid, super excited kid and super sweet kid. It'll be so fun to show her when she has a four year old of her own.

All in all, a good party: good friends, good food ( and bad can that be?) and cheap Chinese party favors resembling space ships and such. What's not to like?


Katie said...

I'm glad the astronaut party was a hit. I know you were concerned with how many people would attend (or lack thereof), but it sounds like you had quite a few. No imaginary friends?

Miss L said...

I was so glad to have had it and to have it over with!!!!

Ahhhh, yes, we had the "Imagination Friends" as cake decorations for Tuesday's delicious bundt cake that caused Elisabeth to burst into tears when she initially saw it (and there were no decorations on it at the time) and literally cry, "That's not the cake I wanted." sigh. She was happy once she saw the Yo-Gabba-Gabba folks and the Super-Why Team. lol. I'll post pictures soon.

And happily, a friend gave her a gift to make her own stamps and stickers, so at least she got "two" of her "Hundreds of Machines" to come. (Long story...must blog about soon!)