Thursday, April 10, 2008

Superman J and The Ugly Truth

Okay. First up, The Ugly Truth. Gentle Reader, if you look a few feet ahead of this blog you'll see it: The Deep End. I am almost there with my crazed "Stock Up" phase. If it weren't so embarrassing, I'd take a picture of my PACKED refrigerator, my PACKED freezer and my storage area (currently under renovation, to be discussed in a moment). I'm not sure what brought on the craze...perhaps it was the idea of an income tax return so that I could have a little more budget for this, but who knows. I've been in this haze of "I really need some more brown sugar," or "I need to get some dried Ginger" and "I really need another thing of toilet paper" or even "I think I need 20 lbs of flour and rice and pinto beans...each!" (20 lbs of pinto beans? I mean, my kids don't even eat a small cans worth, for crying out loud).

J has been EXCEPTIONAL and we even had a little talk about what it would take for me to feel more relaxed about this, and last night I finally came to my senses...after another trip to Costco (oh dear...). I think that's because I actually bought some useful vegetables and tomatoes for the collection. But more importantly, I believe I've finally started to emerge from this insanity because J (aka Mr. Superman himself) has been creating a set of shelves like this out of some existing shelves we already had in the basement (and thus saving us at least $400, because that's how much one of these beauties costs...sheesh!).

What's nice about that is I can now see what we have and the quantities, and it's AMAZING how knowledge is, indeed, power. So far, Gentle Reader, I have ascertained that my family will not go hungry because we have an unnatural amount of Cream of Chicken soup. Hmmmmm. Yes, Gentle Reader...Cream. Of. Chicken. Soup. It is the only canned good that fills up it's entire row (top and bottom) and then some. Again, I have no good explanation for this because it's not my favorite soup...I do enjoy it in casseroles and things of that nature, but still. Who Knew?

Anyway, I just have to say THANK YOU with a big KISS to my personal Man of Steel for putting up with this bit of "supply insanity"...and to all the future meals with a base of Cream of Chicken soup in them.

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Shari said...

Have you tried the pinto bean pie. Its on the provident living website...
I, of course, cannot find it. So I found a different one someplace else...,162,148163-226192,00.html

Some said something about it at a fireside or something. I made it for my sweetheart sometime during the first year. Had I not told him what was in it, he would have never guessed. And he did eat the whole thing. Of course, it comes with it's own consequences. But, I bet that could help you use your pinto beans in a way the girls would eat them!