Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pioneer Woman and the Gift Certificate

Over at one of my favorite blogs, The Pioneer Woman Cooks, she had this crazy-fun, literally random giveaway of a $400 William-Sonoma gift card (which I did not enter, but LOVED the idea of doing so). This is how I know, besides all the comments, that this site is getting HUGE with readers...because she can afford to have a random giveaway like this.

But the question posed was: What would your last meal look like? I thought it was a great question. My answer right now? Oh So Sad and Pathetic: probably what I had for lunch today (though, confessedly, I *wanted* the dumplings, I need to MAKE the dumplings again before I can have them again...but I wanted one because they are SOOOOOO good). I reserve the right to change it when I am not pregnant, but for today it was like manna from heaven...sigh...

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