Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Two things to fess up about: I'm going through my "stock up" phase again, and I'm craving pizza. What does this mean, Gentle Reader? Yes. You are correct: A trip to Costco.

WAIT! I hear you saying. You are on the ALDI's plan. What's up with this deviation? Didn't you just go to Wal-mart???? Doesn't that blow your budget for, like, the rest of the month????? Why yes. Yes, it does. And sadly (see above), I'm strangely okay about it...though looking at the date today and it is only April 9. Ugh. This does not bode well. But at least I've got 6 gallons of milk in the fridge (did you know whole milk is less than $3.00 at Costco???)

Anyhoo....All this talk about economic recession in the news has me thinking...what if something terrible happens? On one hand, I'm comforted because at least it's spring/summer and we have some seeds in storage that we can grow vegetables with. But how to supplement while waiting at least the month (plus) to get it going? Yes, we'll have fresh herbs thanks to the basement garden thing, but kids under 5 are not that crazy about eating such things by themselves (and let's face it...there's a reason we aren't eating basil salads without tomatoes and mozzarella). So, it means beefing up the "year" supply (which, honestly, ranges from 2-6 months and currently has about 7 cans of vegetables in it, but I digress). And Costco...FABULOUS place for beefing up said supply storage. AND, just as importantly, you can get some really good, AMAZINGLY priced pizza.

Which brings me to the next item: Craving Pizza. Brace yourself because this is probably going to gross you out a bit, but I am actually not craving fresh hot pizza, but cold pizza. I. Have. No. Idea. Why. Oh well. The only way to get cold pizza is to start with the fresh hot pizza, and so be it. I have to say, I'm a fan of Papa John's, but when you can spend $25-ish on two of their "large" pizza (though their Tuscan 6 cheese pizza...YUM! The Rustic Italian Meat is definitely OKAY!) currently on sale for $11.99 OR $20.00 on two HUGE pizzas from Costco...well, you can guess which wins out. And I'm fine with Costco Pizza, especially when they cook it there because I like how the crust turns out more than when we try to bake it ourselves at home.

So, we went to Costco today and I feel like I was very restrained in my purchases, but I did get some things that I feel good about adding to our supply. And I got two pizzas. I'm not sure which I'm most excited about. Do you ever go through these types of phases????

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