Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's Another Girl!

So, I had my ultrasound yesterday and the doctor said we are having another girl. We are very happy with it, and when I figure out how to scan the pictures, I'll put the ultrasounds up.

I must confess that the doctor who performed it wasn't my favorite ultrasound specialist, that's for sure. You can tell he does lots of them, though, and he was very focused on making sure all the insides were where they needed to be and working (which they were). The three pictures he took of the baby weren't that great, either, if I do say so myself. Oh well. It's nice to know what to expect. :)

So, now we can finally use pronouns when referring to the baby.

AND speaking of baby, I must now go and get O. She has a spoon (????) and A just told me she's eating syrup. Oh for the love of Pancakes, how does this happen????


Sungti said...


Wait a minute, this is not April fool’s, is it?

Anyways, it is so exciting, a little girl.

Miss L said...

Nope, not an April Fool's joke. But that would have been an interesting one had I even been thinking! lol.

:) L

C & K Sanders said...

I go tomorrow and find out what we are having. We would love to have a little girl, but (as you can probably understand) we are comfortable with the all boy house that we have and are fully equip for a fourth. We will see!!

Anonymous said...

Hurray!! *hugs* *congrats* *big love* :)