Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Things to help me be a better mom, Part 1

Gentle Reader, I'm having one of those days where I feel very very tired and a wee bit grumpy for some reason. So, I'm trying to focus on happy, positive things in hopes that my disposition will reflect that. That disclosed, here are a few things that help me be a better mom:

This is the first: EasyMac. For those who know I'm on the Aldi's Plan, the fact that they were even carrying this was a happy happy discovery. I don't know how long it'll be available, but I've grabbed a couple every time I go, and I even bought a few to specifically put down in the food storage. All you have to do is cook the noodles in the microwave for 3-4 minutes and then add the packet of "cheese". I realize it's probably chock full of strange chemicals and flavors that give it that "great" cheese flavor (but it does have double the calcium, so it can't be all that bad, right?)...but the kids will eat it, even if I put some of O's Gerber 2nd Food Pureed Vegetables in it (and that means that E, my vegetable AVOIDER, is getting a serving of veggies), and for that I LOVE this stuff.

The second is this: The Bissell Pro Heat Steam Cleaner. We got it from Costco when A was potty training, and it has kept me on the sane side many a time. As long as you use it correctly, it doesn't soak your carpet (which I think voids a carpet warranty if that's a concern of yours), but it does get out sippy milk/juice stains and...well, things that belong in the toilet. I was reminded just how great it was yesterday when O, finally figuring out how to unscrew the lid on her sippy...Oh Joy!...poured her juice on the living room carpet. While she still got a Time Out, I was not nearly as freaked as I might have been because of this little baby. Plus, the carpet needed to be cleaned and it was totally satisfying to see it in such good shape when it was done. In fact, I was so pleased that I thought, "I'm going to clean all the carpets this week!" If you can listen carefully, you may still hear my guardian angels laughing. Shhhhh...listen: Hahhahahahhahaha. Needless to say, Gentle Reader, that moment passed rather quickly.

The third I also is a great invention for those of us who fall into the category of "Unsuspecting Moms who thought potty training meant we were done wiping other people's bottoms." I also like how the original Kandoo's smell. These little wonders are like baby wipes, but you can FLUSH them...and so can your little ones, once they figure out how to use them effectively. And, by the way, we've used the Huggies brand and the "off" brand, and I'm fine with those, too. It's the flushable wipe idea that I'm enamoured with and has helped me be a better mom.

There are so many more things that help me be a better mom, but right now I am going to stop listing them because every time I add a picture, it sends it to the top and goofs up the spacing and then I have to respace things and then, I'm starting to accidently delete the photos and....ugh!!!! So, instead of me focusing on all these wonderful happy things that help in my life, I'm starting to feel frustrated with this whole blogging nonesense and it's definitely not the route I want to go. So...please consider this list as Part 1, to be followed soon by Part 2, etc., when I figure out the better spacing and picture placement.

Til then...Have a great day.


Bunting Family said...

Laurenda, Do you remember me? Becky Bunting? I saw your name on Regan's blog comments and got really excited to be able to know you are out there somewhere still! My blog is on her site so come and visit soon ok! Me email is Glad to hear how you are doing, is this baby #3 or #4? Talk to you soon, Love, Becky : )

Jennifer Lee said...

I have had the same problem with adding photos and have sometimes resorted to throwing up my hands in frustration and posting without photos. I can totally sympathize.

Miss L said...

Becky, Hi! Of course I remember you! I shall email you shortly. And Jennifer, TRULY I appreciate the sympathy...that is exactly how I felt. I must admit was getting WAY disgusted, and it didn't help that J came home in the midst of this and was VASTLY amused by my disgustedness of the situation. grrrr. Oh well. If you happen upon a solution to the nasty spacing problem, PLEASE pass it along, and I will do the same. :)