Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Further Adventures of Miss O

The Setup: Another slow morning at the Zoo Peter's casa. Miss A spiked a fever yesterday, so we kept her home from school today. TMI: Miss O and I were visited by the "'rheas" last night, but they seem to have passed (HALLELUJAH!). Miss E and Superman J seemed to have avoided the latest viral whatever (at least, that is what we are hoping). But I was still movin' a-slowly this morning.

So, I was chatting with my friend, JK's mom, on the phone and we were also debating if we could get ourselves and the kiddos ready for playgroup in any reasonable amount of time when, what should I hear????? That would be Miss O getting herself some water out of the dispenser on the fridge's door. Yes, this means that I forgot to lock it (CURSES!!!!!!!!) and that she has gotten A.LOT of water from the dispenser. So much so that it has filled the entire faux "take-up" tray and has seeped wherever it does so it drips from the bottom of the door. (once again: CURSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Naturally, the floor is covered and a long trail is running "downhill" (???) towards our bathroom.

As you may ascertain, I have certain spots of my kitchen floor that remain S.P.O.T.L.E.S.S. thanks to my child and her daily pilgrimage to Any Water Source she can find.

I get the floor cleaned up and find one side of Miss O is quite...wet. "You will dry," I tell her. I am, sadly, a little miffed with this whole thing.

About 40 minutes later (I kid you not!), I'm working on getting Miss E dressed (though I have to say that I am now ready, so maybe it's not that bad, but still...movin' a-slowly) and I hear Miss O. She is kind of crying, but it sounds much like her "Mom! I've locked myself in a closet and no one will get me out" kind of cry, so I figure she is okay, just locked in a closet and I'm very close to getting Miss E finished.

Once she is dressed, I follow the whimpering and discover that Miss O is NOT locked in a She has taken herself into her sisters' bathroom and opened the lid, climbed upon the toilet withOUT the smaller toilet ring and sat. And leaned back. And fell, then kinda folded in half, like you'd close a book (are you getting this mental picture). Straight into the cold toilet water, so that her bum is in the water, her diaper is absorbing who knows how much of it, and her legs are sticking out of the bowl. Her arms are on the toilet seat and she's looking at me like, "What the heck????? Get me OUT of here!"

And, Gentle Reader. I. LAUGH. SO. HARD. Yes! I'll admit it. Even if it makes me a terrible mom, and I'll now probably be sent straight to the Unholy Hot Place, but this was the funniest thing I'd seen and maybe there was a teensy part of me that was kinda, "Serves You Right!" (but only because she wasn't hurt, mind you. I'm not that evil). Soooooo funny.

In the meantime, she'd taken on so much water that I definitely had to change her from top to bottom. But I laughed the entire time I was doing it.

And then we went to playgroup. lololololololol. It's still making me smile.


Shari said...

I must admit...had I been in your situation, I would have gotten it on film in some way or another...only because she wasn't hurt...and the visual memory wouldn't not have been enough to last me that many years!

Adrienne said...

And it made me laugh so hard when you told me that I had an asthma attack. Oh, what would we DO without you??!

What's up with the Walkers! said...

That is the best story, but then again you always have the best stories! I hope you got pictures of that so that she can someday look back and have a good laugh herself!